Hillary must be desperate for her campaign to stoop to digging up unflattering Trump remarks made near an open mic in 2005 to use as an indirect way of playing the “woman card” – the “I have the same plumbing, and so let me insult your intelligence,” ploy.

The reasons I will never vote for Hillary, they are numerous. But the thing about them is that they are all based on policy substance and personal character flaws that matter to public service.

For example, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, is worth about $80 billion. Even if the government found a way to expropriate everything that man has, it would satisfy current deficit spending for a couple of weeks at best – and that’s not factoring in what might happen to the market value that makes up his net worth once our government adopts such a policy. Yet, “tax the rich” seems to come up in every conversation where the question is asked – How are you going to pay for this program and that one? Only in a world full of unicorns can we pay down the public debt by having government spend even more than it already does, pilling even more wasteful and ineffective programs on top of others. With nearly a score of trillions in debt, and economic circumstances far from stellar, one might reasonably conclude that government spending is certainly no economic “panacea.”

But not Hillary. And the media fawns over her, while calling Trump bizarre. It’s a real headscratcher, and I haven’t begun to talk about Hillary’s legal problems, Vince Foster, or the Clinton Foundation that’s wrought with ethics issues.

It’s no secret that Trump is a womanizer, or that he has serious issues when it comes to maintaining intimate relationships. Most of us live out our lives in privacy, but people like Trump just don’t. His divorces have all been tabloid fodder over the last few decades – and the revelation of the trash talk just really is not shocking.

The question we will be answering in November, is not who we want to be personally involved with, however. I was the first to admit I don’t like Donald Trump. He isn’t someone I would choose to be personally involved with, but rather someone I would merely tolerate if the need arose. On a personal level, I believe him to be a slime.

But I don’t particularly care about Trump’s personal problems. What I do care about are problems created by government that impact my life on a daily basis and whether or not those problems will disappear or get worse. There is no doubt in my mind that a Clinton administration WILL make them worse. Hillary is not Bill.

Though I can never be certain what Hillary would actually do, I can say that with everything I have heard thus far, what she is selling I do not want. Not even wild horses could drag me to it.