Today contained one of those life-changing moments when it becomes all too clear how much one can take for granted. Over much of the past year, I have been putting the past behind me, passing the baton over to those far more qualified to wage the battle of the century for the hearts and minds, and gently fading back into life as it once was. My extended absence from the blogosphere has largely been due to my passions for the monetary calamity having run their course, with fleeting post ideas mostly on the back burner, and I deeply regret having stepped away with a mountain of unfinished business that would come back to show me just how much the nonsense going on at the Fed really matters.

My husband has been informed that at the end of January, he will no longer have a job. He did not tell me until he got home tonight. And it was a strange coincidence that I had what I think to be a rare great idea for a blog post this morning, that was added to by this bizarre and backward headline on the CNBC website that went something like, hawks on the FOMC concerned that not hiking rates will cause a recession – and I just let them pass.

But no longer. The illegalities of these people on the FOMC have ruined enough lives, and have ruined mine at least once too many. From here on out, for me there will be no rest until this problem is resolved.