Regarding controversy, I have a natural curiosity about where the truth might lie. Regarding Mrs. Clinton, I decided to have a look at some of the more popular points made regarding her proximity to certain scandals, partly because I wanted to write about them while being fair and honest about whatever I may write.

Facts about Vince Foster and the Travel Office:

There is no evidence HRC had an intimate relationship with Vince Foster. Foster was a family man, who very much missed his family who stayed behind in Arkansas so that his son could finish high school. Though found dead of a gunshot wound to the head at the Fort Marcy Park in July 1993 after the scandal re: White House Travel Office firings broke, there was not only no evidence of foul play, the abundance of evidence at the scene are overwhelmingly compelling indications of suicide. Foster owned the gun with which he was shot. He had gun powder residue on both hands and his right thumb was stuck in the trigger guard, and the thumb was bruised in the shape of the trigger guard. He died where his body was found in pools of his own blood on a berm in the park. There were no drag marks on the shoes or other articles of clothing, or on the ground in proximity to the death scene, or Foster blood found elsewhere except where his body was found. Foster took his own life.

Notes left behind by Foster, who had ordered an audit of the Travel Office, and other evidence from the investigation into the firings at the Office indicate that far from the Clintons having broken the law by firing the career bureaucrats in the Travel Office in order to install their own preferred parties, the Travel Office had been used to provide accommodations to members of the White House Press Corps and the bureaucrats in the Office above and beyond those proscribed by law, which were the grounds on which the bureaucrats within the Office were fired.

The media reports on the matter painted an entirely different picture of the firings for public consumption, however, emphasizing the possibility of corrupt motivations regarding the firings with no mention of the possibility of corruption within the Travel Office itself with respect to the press.

The press reports upset Foster, who had been overwhelmed by the work demands of his position at the White House. He had considered resigning immediately prior to his death, but viewed the situation of the public scandal regarding the firings as a personal failure.

My Speculation:

The problems at the White House Travel Office were leftovers from the previous GHW Bush administration. The Clintons did the natural and necessary things in order to clean up corruption there. Because it meant that the gravy train for the press corps would come to an end, the press spun it so that the focus would not be on them or their previous benefactors, but on the “whistleblowers” and the Clintons themselves. The press reports on the situation were elaborate lies that allowed corrupt bureaucrats to go free from scrutiny, and members of the former GHW Bush administration to go unaccountable for crimes committed under their watch.