Just when I thought Hillary had nearly every shred of her baggage strewn about for everyone to sift through at will, the scandal takes another twist as the FBI has possibly found some of her missing emails on the laptop of former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose newly estranged wife Huma has been Clinton’s private secretary for years. But the twists aren’t quite finished there, as it has been revealed that DNC head Donna Brazile, who was a senior political correspondent for CNN, was exposed as having slipped Clinton debate questions for a live town hall with the presidential candidates that was hosted by CNN earlier in the season.

And of, the course, the element that makes these developments far more entertaining than Donald Trump’s self-destruction, is that the entire can of worms was dumped out over an investigation into whether Mr. Weiner texted nude photos of himself to a 15 year-old girl.

Hanging out with pervs, cheating on a debate, and getting caught lying about missing emails… and we haven’t even gotten to what’s in the recovered emails… Nobody really knows how far down this rabbit hole goes.

The really sad part about this, and I am giving Clinton the benefit of a doubt here, is that she probably didn’t do anything really wrong – except lie and cover up. Telling the truth about the entire ordeal would have been much easier, and over sooner, so she could just get on with things. But here we are, a week before a very winnable election for Clinton, with it now quite up in the air.

Though, if I ever had even the slightest twinge of an inclination to vote for her, and really I haven’t, it would have been over as soon as she accused FBI Director Comey of partisan witch-hunts and violating the Hatch Act by using his position to influence the election. If Comey had information about possible Clinton crimes and said nothing, then he would not only be using his position to influence an election, but he would also be derelict and deserving of being fired. At the end of the day, however, it’s hard to understand why Clinton thinks blaming the cop for her getting into trouble when reaping what’s been sown makes life really inconvenient would save her. That is so completely failing to take responsibility for the matter, it’s really quite shocking.