Yesterday, there was were women’s marches against Trump that, according to CNN, consisted of 1.8 million women all over the world.

I watched some of the media coverage of the event with some amusement, but mostly puzzlement because I can’t seem to wrap my head around what particular issue would arouse them to such a degree. As far as I am aware, there aren’t any proposals impacting “women’s issues” immediately on the horizon that haven’t already been issues, like defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Through all of the sensationalizing of the event in media coverage, the one issue that I can pick out, is really the instance that government fund the wide umbrella of things that cover “women’s health issues,” free birth control and other reproductive services.

In the 49 years I have been on this planet, with three-fifths of that time spent married and 5 years as a single mom, I have not once stepped into a Planned Parenthood clinic, and I have only two children. And I look at the photos of women with bullhorns screaming their lungs out, and I really do not “get” it. They look completely ridiculous, and I am insulted that they want my hard earned cash to satisfy their sense of entitlement to living out life on a feather bed. Generally, sexual activity is choice that should be engaged in responsibly, and I don’t see why I should be required to pay for it when I have taken care of myself since leaving home at 17.

I absolutely have no objection to the organization of charities to accomplish the same goal, where people can graciously donate to women’s health issues of their own choosing, and even allowing the same sort of tax treatment for this as for other charitable organizations. But the direct funding of it is rife with all of the political and corruption problems that come with it. Why is there only one organization that provides these government-funded services, and why is it constantly engulfed in scandal revolving around waste, fraud and abuse? The current condition of the institution simply cannot adequately serve any woman’s real needs and should be abolished, because it is about the government dole, not the women themselves.