Since when is not having contracted Trump derangement syndrome imply “kindness?” As the name of the syndrome implies, those affected by it are… well, deranged… a little off center and can’t think straight when the name “Trump” is brought up in any conversation.

I don’t like Donald Trump. But I take a much different approach to forming an opinion than allowing the MSM to spoon-feed me anti-Trump propaganda – I actually think for myself. I can do so quite clearly because I’m not deranged nor suffering from confirmation bias and I know how to do research. I was that way through the campaign season as I explained why I couldn’t understand the outrage over someone who wants to enforce the law also wanting to be President and, as I am happy to report, nothing has changed. I am still my same old snarky self, having hardly a shred of kindness anywhere in my body when it comes to anything related to the government or elites.

Anyway, like it or not, Trump is there. He won, and making an ass of oneself over it doesn’t do anybody any good. As Milton Friedman said, it doesn’t matter who is in office, politics is about getting the wrong people to do the right things. So, rather than throwing adult style temper tantrums, and saying things that reflect poorly on the speaker, those so inclined to care as much as they claim ought to snap out of their passions and do things that are worth doing. To do otherwise is simply doing more damage to an already turned inside out world. Though, perhaps it is too much to ask of those who are set in their ways, even those who are trained to do what they can, and to cordially take what they want from an exchange and leave the rest.

It would be like talking with Jens Weidmann, the man who prefers personal power and enrichment over the welfare of average people. If one can speak kindly with or about Mr. Weidmann, one can speak kindly with or about Trump because, if Trump is everything the MSM claims him to be, there is very little moral difference between that and what is objectionable about Mr. Weidmann except in preference of victims. I’d even extend that to Mr. Bernanke because I haven’t been able discern any real difference between economic race discrimination and putting some 30 million people out of work randomly and continue the bad policy that maintains such economic hopelessness for years as to result in a historic low LFPR. Is it ok to do it randomly, but picking and choosing is when the smart people lose their marbles? To me, it is all reprehensible and ought not be done to anyone for any reason – but it’s really hard to break through that wage-peons mental block of academic elites who are in treacherously shallow water of calling the kettle black out of delusions of enlightenment.

Perhaps when it’s proven that Trump is everything the MSM claims him to be by doing what they have predicted, and when people who are kind to Bernanke start treating him as he deserves to be treated for doing the things he has done, then I will be happy to join the party. Until then, I chose to be led by facts, wherever they may lead.