*** Warning: The following post contains an anti-Trump rant, as unusual as they are on my blog. ***

In Bloomberg today there is an article that has this main idea: “A pro-Paris bloc within the administration has recruited energy companies to lend their support to the global pact to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to two people familiar with the effort who asked not to be identified.”

As it goes on, it labels the recruiters as Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, and describes the lobby recruits, and nearly all of them are natural gas producers, and nearly all of them saying that they may face negative consequences if the Trump Administration ditches the Paris climate accord. Then it moves to a discussion about Trump having to backtrack on one of the centerpieces of his campaign platform – to dump the “bad deal” – and the risk of more unpopularity if he does so.

I don’t usually have bad things to say about Trump, in general. But this development, if true, is somewhat troubling to me in at least a couple of different ways. The first one is the obvious one. If he promised to dump the Paris deal, he needs to do it.

But the second one is more subtle, and probably more profound. Trump also campaigned on the need to drain the swap of lobbies and lobbyists who influence government to enter into agreements, whether it be trade deals or climate accords, in order for them to benefit at the expense of the general welfare. And what we have here are people inside the administration, the two people who really shouldn’t be part of the administration due to nepotism laws, recruiting the swamp to convince the President that the Paris climate accord isn’t so bad after all – at least they would benefit from it. Trump is supposed to be draining the swamp, not filling it!

This is really bad. I was not expecting that the king of the swamp was elected, and extended Trump the benefit of a doubt, and space to prove he meant what he said about the general welfare being damaged by deals that cater to special interest. If this waffling and backtracking, recruiting the swamp, and failure to get anything important on supply side and tax reform done continues, whatever happens to him after that would probably be less than just.