If you’re Steve Ballmer of Microsoft fame, what do you do when you retire? Well, you go and build a massive database of government data: revenue, expenditures, economic, demographic and more, and create a one-stop-shop, user-friendly interface for it. And that’s exactly what Ballmer did at usfacts.org.

The usfacts.org site itself is currently in beta, and for some of the information, I can tell that it still needs a little bit of work. Under the economic category for the US Federal Funds Rate, for example, it currently lists that data point as being 3%, which I am pretty sure is incorrect. But that doesn’t mean that the tool doesn’t know what the FF rate actually is. When I looked at the tables for economic information it shows the FF rate as being 1.06%, which is about right. So it’s probably wise to look at the data tables rather than the pretty, categorized interface until they get the bugs worked out.

If you’re interested in the story behind the building of the site, Gizmodo has a write up about it.