I generally am opposed to big-spending government boondoggles. And in the past, I have been resisting the idea of a cross country bullet train. But the latest round of airline mishaps have convinced me to take another look – hoping that there might be a way to build a private one, or maybe two or three private ones. We need other options for faster travel.

Friday, as a woman holding two babies, one of them not quite out of diapers, was boarding an American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Dallas, she encountered a tussle with a boarding agent regarding her stroller. Apparently, the boarding agent grabbed the stroller from the woman, in a violent way according to witnesses, hitting her with it and narrowly missing one of her babies. Then inside the cabin, the boarding agent was involved in an altercation with a passenger who was upset that he would hit a mom and baby with the stroller.

How’s that for stellar customer service? As if the 69 year-old doctor wasn’t enough. Now they’re going after moms and babes. The boarding agent was probably looking at them not as human beings, but more like veal cutlets and filet mignon.

Yesterday, I was having a chat with some old friends about this latest incident and they sent me some pics that had me cackling. So I thought I’d post them.