Back in mid-2010, I was a member of the very first wave of cord-cutters. At first I didn’t know what it would be like not having cable news channels because they were top on my viewing list, streaming into my house via cable TV near 24×7. As time went on I found that, amazingly, life was much better without them because I had not realized how much they influenced my opinion regarding most public conversations. Without the news channels, I have to go out and find information about topics I am interested in, and I feel a sense of freedom in forming my own opinions that I never felt before. I truly believe that I am much better off without them.

Given the controversy over the firing of FBI Director Comey, my assessment of how much better off I am without the cable news channels booming into my house every minute of every day has once again been confirmed. In posts that I have written about the Russia issue that has been a top topic of conversation in mass media since the beginning of this year, I have provided information about the FBI’s use of FISA warrants to surveil the Trump campaign and other details such as FBI leaks of information obtained from those warrants, all of it information about the innuendos of untoward and or illegal activity on the part of the Trump campaign that next to none of the cable news channels have been reporting.

If I were still a mind-slave to mass media, I wouldn’t have looked for or found these details and I would have incomplete information on which to form an opinion about the firing of Comey, making it easy for me to be perhaps misled. I am using the term misled very loosely here because I don’t think that it happens purposely, at least in large part. It happens most often, I’d guess, because people believe what they want to believe and small, but perhaps important exculpatory details are often overlooked. Later after events progress, the lack of these details can culminate in an unintentional, but completely misleading narrative, such as the one most pronounced today, that Trump fired Comey in an attempted cover up.

I can’t say whether Trump is trying to cover up something untoward or illegal. But I can say that with the facts I have about the circumstances surrounding the firing Comey, it appears to be justified for the following reasons:

  • Abuse of power – pursuing FISA warrants for the Trump Campaign on the basis of a cherry-picked server connection to a Russian bank
  • Leaking information obtained with those FISA warrants (illegal)
  • Doing more meddling in the election than the Russians ever dreamed of trying
  • Lying to Congress about the nature of the investigation into Anthony Wiener
  • Going rogue – continuing to pursue Obama’s law enforcement agenda after the Obama Administration was no more (not knowing who his boss is).

At the very least, there is more publicly available information about these points than there is about anything illegal anyone in the Trump campaign may have done regarding Russian hacking. Outside of the revelation that the now fired Flynn had been paid to attend a conference with Putin that he did not disclose, I have not seen one shred of specific information about illegal activity in the Trump campaign (who, what, when, where, e.g.: Colonel Mustard committed murder in the study with the candle stick). It’s simply not there. If anyone has any specific information about illegal Trump campaign activity, I invite them to share it so I can have a look and revise my opinion accordingly.