Petulant child.

I have been as fair as I could possibly be thus far into an administration that I was in large part indifferent about, with the exception of looking forward to promised supply side and tax reform. But after the President’s response to ordeal that began with the firing of Comey and subsequently compounded upon by threatening Tweets, really all I can see at this point is a petulant child. Not only was Trump not endowed by his creator with oratory skill, a wild goose on a bad day possesses more class and finesse than Trump has in his entire body. Though I was somewhat sympathetic to his stated and other possible motives for the firing, what happened afterward does not display the sort of attitude that is worth an entirely futile attempt to rationalize the behavior of a greedy, wrathful boor.

People in the Trump campaign may or may not have committed crimes. I can’t say one way or the other. But my guess is that they probably didn’t to the extent of the innuendo, because Nixon had the good sense to at least to carry himself in a dignified and classy way despite the intense criticism and scrutiny that came with the Watergate scandal, and he lasted five years that way, including being reelected. There is so much chaos, backbiting, and rancor in the Trump Administration, and such outbursts of petulance, that there is no way criminality could remain hidden for more than a few days. None of these people are competent enough or emotionally steady enough to cover anything up, up to and including Trump himself. Trump doesn’t know when to just STFU, a quality that should be vindicating in and of itself, but also very sad in other, more profound ways. After all, he is the President of the United States, president of a nation that deserves much better than he is giving. It’s truly disgraceful.