Back in December, I wrote a post about the joint FBI and DHS report on the theft of digital information from DNC prior to the election. That post was an objective opinion of the report from the point of view of a seasoned IT engineer.

My opinion was not kind to the DNC at all. It really upsets me when too little attention is paid to cyber security because the consequences of security breaches are not trivial. They wreak profound havoc on the lives of the people impacted, many of them innocent victims who entrusted their data to a third party only to learn it was not responsibly protected when they discover their bank accounts have been emptied.

Expressed in an unplugged and entirely raw way, I find the accusations of collusion lobbed against the Trump camp, spearheaded mostly by Democratic Party adherents, to be absurd because one would have to actively move toward securing one’s data in order to have any claim whatsoever of being a victim, which they did not do. What they did do as far as sensitive data storage is concerned was a kin to a bank leaving depositors’ money laying unattended on a park bench and then crying foul, or like a bunch of overgrown babies when it disappears. If your bank did that would you believe them to be victims or criminally negligent? The latter is entirely my view of DNC data security practices, so negligent in fact, that the disappearance of data embarrassed and ruined the careers of a few prominent Democrats. Those ruined people should be seething with anger, but not at Trump.

If you need a practical parallel as an example, the recent outbreak of WannaCry is a good one because if a firm is responsible for storing important things like hospital records, for example, why on earth would this data be housed on servers running an ancient OS that is no longer supported or patched by the vendor? I am looking for a whole host of liability suits for data loss and they won’t be against Microsoft.

Additionally, the press Trump has been receiving lately has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room and distracted public dialog from some pretty important facts about the WannaCry attack. It is obfuscating Federal government responsibility for it, for one thing, because the base code for WannaCry was hacked from the NSA. The largest state-sponsored hacking group in the world was hacked, and all of what they call tools were stolen, that are really nothing more than a collection of code that exploits vulnerabilities in software that the government chose not to report to the software companies in order to retain the ability conduct warrantless search and seizure.

Once stolen, these ‘tools’ were then placed on the black market. But not all of them, mind you, the group responsible for the theft has promised to release more next month. The base code for WannaCry was simply the free trial version. There is much more cyber security chaos to come in the near future that will put all of us at risk, and our greedy, intrusive, and tyrannical government is the root cause. Isn’t it just a little late to find out the NSA tool box was hacked when there is a virus based on that code worming its way about the internet destroying people the world over?

I want to know what the lazy, whiny, vindictive politicians are doing about this massive breach of public trust and safety that originated from the Beltway. And the longer this non-specific Trump collusion BS goes on, the more it damages all of us in tangible terms.