There was a story posted in Reuters a few days ago regarding the Trump Administration’s cancellation of the CIA program to train and equip vetted Syrian rebels. The story noted that the CIA program was canceled due to lack of effect while a similar program carried out by the Defense Department would continue with a main goal of fighting ISIS.

Make no mistake, ISIS is a problem emanating from Syria that manifests itself at the doorsteps of other nations. But it seems to me to be more a symptom of a larger problem, owing its existence to the dissolution of Syrian politics and society into chaos, than a problem in and of itself.  And the focus on ISIS, while it may seem to be the thing nearly everyone in the West can agree on, its defeat in many quarters is, more or less, not dealing with the lack of public tranquility and security problem in the Middle East with anything more than an ACE bandage and prayer as we sellout true liberals who want their natural right to individual sovereignty.

This may seem like an absurd idea at the moment, because they are extremely distracted, but the best way to fight ISIS is for Syrian society to do it themselves. Otherwise, today the problem is ISIS and tomorrow, amongst the continuing chaos, it will be the next flavor of tyrannical opportunist group asserting its will through force for the West to defeat – like playing an endless high stakes game of whack-a-mole with each mole more terrible in character than the last.

Now the Trump administration appears to be carrying on the foreign policy mistakes of the last administration that was reluctant to do any anything at all about the Syrian situation, save dropping bombs on ISIS, after having made an issue of these mistakes all throughout the campaign. The Trump campaign promised to solve the Syrian problem, but its administration is now obviously as reluctant to do so, if not more so, than the last.

Perhaps I am missing some point not made public that would allow me to rationalize what the Trump Administration is doing about restoring political stability in Syria in a way that we can all be comfortable with. But at this stage, I can say that I don’t get the point of the current policy that does nothing more than fight one of the old tyrant Assad’s battles for him, as he focuses on killing liberals and their children. Is that really what Trump wants out of this ISIS fight? It’s truly sad that nobody in the administration can positively identify the source of the problem here, and even sadder is the willingness to allow the Syrian liberal movement to be squashed with death.

And for what? To play nice with the Russian government that couldn’t care less about who dies? That is a truly messed up policy and it needs to change.