I had some bit of hope for Trump over the weekend, that he would resist the pressure to criminalize generally disagreeable political speech when he declined to condemn the “Unit the Right” rally that was organized at the University of Virginia, saying that all sides involved in the ensuing murderous riot were at fault. Those weren’t his exact words, of course. But it’s as much a valid description of the situation as I understand it.

Today, however, Trump took a U-turn and threw the far-right under the bus, calling them “criminals,” without any characterization of the people who arrived at their rally to beat on them.

It’s absolutely true that I find their ideology repulsive. But if they show up to a rally to discuss it, and nothing more, then there’s nothing that can be done to stop them; and not for their sake ether – it’s for ours. Because once the government gets the idea that it can criminalize ideas, only the acceptable main stream ideas will be the acceptable ones.

And Trump has no idea what he just did. Now the leftists with those sticks and bats will be emboldened to go beat the pulp out of tea partiers under the auspices of them being like neo-Nazis. I mean why not? Tea partiers are purported to have objectionable ideas too.

What an idiot.