In the Lord of the Rings, the elf sorceress tells Frodo, “To bear the ring of power is to be alone.”

At this moment nobody in the Beltway appears to be more alone than Mr. Trump for first wanting to know the facts of the events as they transpired in Charlottesville over the weekend, and then standing up for those facts yesterday after having a bit of a wobble the day before.

Frankly, I admire his mettle in the face of opposition who care not for facts and implicitly believe violence against those with disagreeable views serves some righteous purpose. Never mind that these are human beings who enjoy the same rights of discourse, association, conscience, assembly and redress, and are entitled to the same protections in the exercise of those rights as everyone else.

To reiterate what I see as the events as they happened, certain government office holders believed the time was right to commence removal of the last vestiges of monuments to members of the Confederacy, and proceeded to do so. Members of groups who were not ready to give up these monuments organized a rally to protest their removal. They had the proper permits, and their members showed up at the appropriate time. They were met with a counter protest and some of its members were armed with sticks and bats which were then use to menace and assault the participants of the original protest, and the situation degenerated into a horrifying chaos of violence.

As I think about these things, some questions about how the word about the original protest got out soon enough to organize a counter protest, and how armed members of the counter protest were able to get up close and personal with the original group arise. Who tipped them off in order to have an effective counter protest, and where was law enforcement? Did the cops reason that these are just jerks from the far right and decline to provide security or was it simply a halfhearted attempt?

And what does this say about the people who made the choice to remove the monuments? Was it part of the game plan to just call out the local thuggery to take care of any opposition, as if anyone not liking that decision must be racist and deserves to have their heads bashed in like a pudding, and afterward just exclaim the victims to be racist fascists and nobody need worry about it? I don’t believe that is how democracies are supposed to function. It isn’t even close to civility.

There appear to be a lot of rotten things down in Virginia, and it isn’t just the skinheads.

And I suppose it is fine if the CEO’s of large corporations choose to side with the rotten to the core and undignified way in which this this local political situation turned fiasco was handled considering nothing had been done on the council they abandoned since February. But think about what might be the intentions behind it, and what sort of power they would wield outside of the realm of cooperation and who they are really hurting. They basically just told every average person in America that they just don’t give a damn, as if we thought they wanted to help contribute economically in the first place.

That’s okay. I don’t need Underarmor or Intel crap anyway, and I’ll take generic drugs if the need arises.