The newer portion of my library, most of the books I’ve acquired over about the past 9 years or so, is stored on my iPad (my husband bought me a full sized one for Christmas – good bye mini!). Because it’s a convenient way to store books and has access to content from the major news outlets, the iPad for me is really a bedroom fixture that is also my key to the world that I browse before going to sleep at night and again when I wake up in the morning.

Much to my surprise yesterday morning, after grabbing the iPad, among the top stories on the Apple News app was commentary on Keven Warsh by Matthew Yglesias, published on Vox. It was a great way to start the day. Click the link and read it all.

Though my opinion of it is that it’s absolutely fab, labeling Warsh as Trump’s Harriet Myers, who I had to really search my memory banks for to remember that she was labeled as unqualified for the Supreme Court and her nomination was ditched, is probably much too kind to Warsh and a bit of an insult to Ms. Myers because at least Myers had written and published something having to do with law and had been a legal research analyst for much of her career – vaguely qualified for the job. I am sorry to say that I have not been able to verify the same for Warsh.

Warsh has nothing (publicly available)! No econ degree, no papers, and a whole lot of admiration for Trichet. The one thing I agree with Yglesias on most is that if Trump does the really stupid thing of nominating this guy to be the new Fed chair and the nomination isn’t torpedoed in like manner as for Myers that Warsh has been and is lying through his teeth about what believes about monetary policy. If not, we’re screwed already and Trump WILL just go home in January 2021.