So why is the revelation that Donald Trump had an affair with an adult film actress Stormy Daniels (and an even more recently revealed affair with a Playboy model) such a big deal? It wasn’t like the guy’s swinger lifestyle preference was a big secret during the election season, and it is somewhat of a real yawner.

Here’s why. According to former judge Napolitano, a Fox News contributor, the hush money is at issue. Remember the disgraced John Edwards who went to jail for campaign contribution violations related to hush money paid his long time mistress? The hush money to Daniels and the Playboy model paid by someone else on behalf of Trump after he was a declared candidate is pretty much the same issue. If paid by someone else on Trump’s behalf, it can be considered a campaign donation, and was therefore spent for illegal purposes. Though I believe Edwards was prosecuted for these violations under the jurisdiction of his home state where election law may be different than in New York, there is certainly an open question as to whether Federal law contains similarities. If so, then there could be a possible legal problem concerning disposal of campaign funds.

The bottom line on my personal view of the situation is that if this sort of behavior continues in the White House, it could be a real problem in the area of national security, especially considering that The Donald doesn’t seem to have much control over what comes out of his mouth. Other than that, I am not married to him, and it thus makes little difference to me what he does with his body parts as long as it is consensual and discrete.

HT: Marcus Nunes for the video