What a treat the Bloomberg opinion section had for us today. I mean it isn’t even Sunday and I got quite a chuckle over this hilarious attempt at inflation demagogy.

It would make sense for investors to get spooked by each of these factors from a textbook perspective. Rising rates in fixed-income investments provide more competition for stocks from an asset-allocation standpoint and increase the cost of capital for corporations. Inflation could lead to an increase in wages and input costs, which has the potential to hurt corporate earnings if companies are unable to pass along their increased costs to customers.

Inflation hits everything: interest rates, stock prices and debt contracts. The author’s own graph of rising yields compared to S&P 500 performance shows as much, even though it really doesn’t mean anything because his supposed “textbook” example confuses nominal and real prices.

It makes no sense for investors to be spooked over inflation; and I find it very strange that these people seem to want to have it both ways with inflation being a huge sugar rush or opioid high, and investors going mad at the “punch bowl” and haplessly throwing money here there and everywhere, to being crushed under its weight – all over a 10-basis point rise in inflation expectations.

What an asinine bunch of lemmings. I certainly hope market justice is far more than just a concept.