There’s a time and place for everything under the sun. And as a business person, Trump should understand that the wisdom involved with appropriate timing is of monumental importance, especially if he intends to model Reagan’s approach of peace through strength.  His recently announced “cut and run” strategy for Syria, saying we are “getting out of Syria, like now,” coupled with the largest buildup of the military budget ever doesn’t appear sensible from nearly any angle.

Many are understandably concerned about commitments in Syria when we have many problems at home to worry about. But the money to build up the military has already been slated to do just that and there is no value to be added to domestic concerns with this strategy, while the commitment in Syria is an artifact of the same sort of strategy applied to Iraq – bad timing, bad luck, with the lot of the chaos arriving to make any efforts expended come to nothing.

Even worse, there appears to be a problem with Turkey and its discriminatory policy toward Kurdish populations. A few years ago, the world watched in horror as the fall of Kobane to Islamic State was neigh with Turkish tanks and troops observing from a hillside just across the border, presumably to prevent refugees from crossing. I don’t feel the need to rehash the horror here, but it was later discovered that Turkish officials had been supporting ISIS with the smack of quid pro quo. Now that ISIS has been largely marginalized in Syria, Turkey no longer has a proxy to provide it with plausible deniability, and its intentions have been directly demonstrated in the Afrin area over the last few months, complete with bombastic threats toward American military presence nearby.

The unjust and uncivilized behavior of Turkey, a supposed NATO ally, in Syria is well beyond unacceptable. Turkey needs a huge brick thrown at it for this behavior, not a pass to slaughter people simply for being Kurdish. The cut and run strategy provides Turkey with such a pass which hardly amounts to the expected effect of peace through strength. What this is instead is a travesty of justice at best, and complicity in genocide in a much less charitable light. The idea that we can just walk away and become a blameless bystander to the stream of new horrors to come as a result is a very sad fiction conceived in the minds of fools.