Since Trump was inaugurated last year, I’ve kept a sort of patient distance from what has been a somewhat boisterous, but seemingly innocuous administration (at least by my standards).

I spoke out last month, however, about what in my view is one of the laziest and most damaging ways of dealing with issues with trade partners, the steel and aluminum tariffs which now, as I have recently read somewhere, have a moratorium until May.

When I read about the moratorium, I wondered if that was a way to appease the base while putting the tariffs down the road. But after the imposition of even more tariffs on Chinese products on Monday with more supposedly on the way to hit the tech sector, the situation doesn’t appear to be the form of political shadowboxing that I had hoped for. Now, I sit in awe as the markets are reflecting the magnitude of the stupidity with lower growth expectations and there is no sign of letting up.

It’s obvious that Trump is doing far more damage than good and he needs to, for once in his life, STFU before he damages more innocent people – here – the people he is supposedly committed to trying to help.

If he continues down this path of destruction that comparatively makes Obama look more like a sage, principle and duty to my fellow countrymen will dictate that I climb up onto the impeachment bandwagon with the rest of the assorted opposition because I cannot stand by as preventable bad things happen to good people, and possibly even to me, as a result of this complete insanity. Even if I have to pretend to agree with dishonesty to achieve the end, it is worth doing this little bit of evil to an evil guy in order to prevent a whole lot more wrought upon innocents.

I want to hear more from Stormy so Trump can get Edwards-ed right the hell out of here and we can make sure the door hits him in the ass.