I’ve started several posts on about a half-dozen topics in the last week with none of them really going in the right direction; perhaps as in a characteristic of a senior version of ADHD. My list goes something like this:

Self magazine takes concrete steps to end body-shaming and erroneously stereotyping thinness as healthy. The commitment of the brand to “walk the walk” of inclusion and tolerance is impressive and worthy of notice. Becoming less of a narcissistic society and moving more toward philosophical consistency is always a positive thing, even if accomplished only in small baby steps, one person or company at a time.

The press coverage of the supposed crisis of separated immigrant families was disgustingly deceptive in failing to address the following obvious issues: 1) What is the government supposed to do with the children of people who go to jail for one offense or another? 2) Why should people crossing the border illegally be treated better than citizens who go to jail when doing so is a violation of the 14th amendment’s equal protection? Considering domestic incarceration statistics overall, the optics of this controversy probably aren’t what the people who started it had envisioned. At the very least they should be ashamed of spreading rumors of photos of “kids in cages” without placing such a photo right next to the complaint. I never actually saw one, and am thus skeptical of whether related claims are true.

Donald Duck’s Trump’s proposal of a free trade zone amongst G7 nations made at the summit in Canada last month fell flat on its face. The proposal somehow got lost in the media feeding frenzy over Merkel and Macron giving Trump a stiff talking to and insults traded between Trump and Trudeau, and I’ve just learned about it a few days ago. I am unsure why the media try so hard to make Trump look like a buffoon when all they need to do is stand back and let him do it for himself. No need to make themselves look like jackasses as well. But, alas, the best advice is nearly always the one not taken.

I suppose I owe an apology to Donald Duck. Though I have to admit confusion is only natural as there is quite an uncanny resemblance between these two namesakes, especially since some of the information about the deckchair effect of tariffs is starting to roll in. From nails to motor cycles, all going “poof,” and Trump has the nerve to publicly berate these businesses for doing what they must to cope with this needless policy mishap. So I wonder if these people who were employed making motorcycles and nalis believe their livelihoods are worth trying to save executives of billion –dollar companies from themselves.

That’s right. One of Trumps spouted peeves over trade with China is the requirement that foreign firms establish joint ventures with locals and provide that venture with access to the firm’s intellectual property. He says they steal the property, but in my book, willingly signing up to satisfy the requirement to do business in China is not called stealing. It’s called giving it to them! For all the progress China has made in recent decades, it is still a communist country with an entirely different concept of property. It isn’t right to try to change China.

I believe a better remedy for this sort of situation is proper and unmistakable disclosure so that investors in these companies understand the extent to which these ventures have access to flagship IP and can adequately judge their risk. Want to give away the horse and the barn too? Well, maybe the company isn’t really worth as much as everyone thought. And instead of damaging innocent people over this problem, we need lots of sunlight so that this issue doesn’t remain the best kept secret – and it just might resolve itself.