Just a quick post about the summit between Trump and Putin today. I had a work at home day, so I was able to watch the press conference live. I heard some quick points being made about Israel, Syria, and North Korea by both Trump and Putin without much in the way of specifics and I was waiting for a reporter to ask questions about those in detail only to be left wanting.

It’s a really sad thing that there didn’t seem to be any adults in the room because as the press hasn’t been able to get over Hillary’s election loss quite yet, all they asked about was election interference and collusion, and the conference degenerated into a circus complete with disgraceful headlines in the aftermath.

The guy was on a diplomatic mission, and I wonder what the press would have Trump do at a post-summit press conference with Putin. Public shaming just doesn’t seem to me to be an appropriate tool of diplomacy, unless of course one wishes to make problems worse or the relationship has deteriorated so far as to render diplomacy useless.

My view is that diplomacy should be used to solve difficult international problems not to make them worse. So I also wonder what the press really wanted out of the summit or whether they even thought that far before making asses of themselves. After all, I’ve never heard any dispute over the veracity of the “leaked” data. And I call it leaked because the DNC did almost nothing to secure the data that was taken, and “leaked” is the proper technical term in that case, which is an oft overlooked aspect of the entire ordeal. If the Russians had it out for Hillary, they didn’t have to bother hacking anything and could have just made up stuff to put on WikiLeaks; we all know how hard it is to distinguish the truth from fiction these days. But the thing is that, in this case, the truth is ruder than fiction.  While it’s regrettable that Hillary and others had skeletons in the closet, I can’t say that it’s regrettable that many of them became public because nobody bothered to lock the closet door.

If left to a value judgement, my opinion would be that this isn’t the sort of thing that would be worth making the relatively strained relations with the Russians worse, even it means supposedly bruising the egos of the FBI that has many problems of its own to sort out. They need to suck it up rather than pushing the issue to the point of innocent people being killed over it. There have already been enough Syrians killed over diplomacy mishaps, we don’t need to pile more on.