There’s been a lot of chatter lately about the huge deficits being run up with the GOP at the center of it all.

Make no mistake here. The hypocrisy of the small government, balanced-budget-amendment-pushing GOP is striking. But while there is plenty in that circus to criticize, I believe that we’re in for a huge problem no matter how we vote because there are plenty of ways for politicians to spend other people’s money. They can do it like the GOP is doing now, front loaded with tons of borrowing and little taxation, or they can do it the way the other major party prefers with mandates and red tape in addition to hand over fist, shoveling it out the door; and still yet another way is the stealth job that politicians of all stripes seem to enjoy that is a culmination of the  ‘you cannot miss what you will never have’ policy orientation, inclusive of any government action that stifles economic activity of all kinds up to and including straight up inflation control with a microscopic target. Minimum wage hike on top of it all?? Sure! Why not? I’ll take some SarbOx and Dodd-Frank on the side too. YUM, YUM!

But of course, we can have only women and minorities partaking in all the spending pleasure. And it doesn’t really matter if we behave in an entirely uncivil manner to be sure that racist, xenophobic, Caucasian penis-havers do not reap any reward for their service because our inclusivity in spending other people’s money is an honorable goal. Nay, the ONLY goal that matters. We can cover ourselves with the colors of democracy when it suits our purposes, then lie and cheat, and trash the reputations of honorable men to undermine it when we don’t like the democratic result. It’s just all in a day’s work.

It’s true that Trump has lots of problems along with the GOP.  But to focus solely on those as if there is any relief to be had anywhere is really like not remembering that there is no way of knowing what worse luck the current bad luck has saved us from.