Early last week, when I became aware of the controversy, I didn’t know much about Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice. So I made some subconscious assumptions about him as I watched the Judicial Committee hearings about unfounded allegations of sexual assault against him that were probably wrong; and I was completely disgusted at the depths some people are willing reach in order to torpedo a nomination. Though I never believed that the ugliness of the process was about the nominee, the more I’ve learned about him, like being a Kenneth Starr sidekick, I’m leaning more toward the opinion that Trump made a mistake in nominating him in the first place as if there was nothing to learn from the nomination of Robert Bork, a guy from Nixon’s DOJ White House Counsel.

Because we have a tradition of making a spectacle of nominees to the Supreme Court who have lots of political baggage, aside to from the history of what happened to Paula Jones who accused Bill Clinton of rape, Democrats don’t look so bad tonight as in recent days (it’s not saying much, though. Really). After being inundated with propaganda telling me to support other women even when they are doing something I think is completely wrong, like falsely accusing someone of a crime; and having to just not look at the headlines as that was the only escape from the rather far-fetched wrongness, I was nearly convinced that none of these people are interested in justice in an irredeemable and breathtakingly ironic way.

I wish they had done it a different way, like with honesty, because I get why they wouldn’t just take a Kavanaugh nomination lying down and can sympathize with it. Instead of insulting my intelligence with “women supporting women” propaganda when the allegations were completely baseless and ending up looking like bad actors, it likely would have been more effective to tell us the truth. Who whats a partisan nemesis on the court besides Trump>

The Bork nomination turned out the right way in a government that functions best on compromise. Sadly, this nomination didn’t turnout the right way and we’ll have to live with this really bad choice of a nominee for decades while our respect for others of differing opinions is much worse for wear.