For the party against hate speech, its more outspoken members seem to do a lot of it. I found this from a column on Bloomberg today, and the content just doesn’t seem fit for printing.

But with the liberal grassroots still basking in their midterm election victory, they might want to commit some of their energy in 2019 to naming and shaming the companies that fund the GOP assault on everything from climate science and gun regulation to majority rule.

If liberals want to force more corporations to align their political actions with their self-avowed principles, they’re going to need a sustained campaign. Boycotts worked against advertisers on some of the greasier Fox News programs. (Fox host Tucker Carlson just last week lost another advertiser that’s embarrassed to be associated with him.) But after the fury faded, some of those same advertisers quietly slinked back to Fox.

Given the sewage that flows from Fox on a daily basis — the white nationalist performance artist Ann Coulter recently let loose another stream of racial invective — it’s remarkable that so many American companies feel they can fund its programming without consequence.

Many wonder what is wrong with our politics lately, and I suspect that at the heart of the problem, the art of statecraft is utterly dead. This isn’t an attack on Trump, who looks to be situated with a failed presidency and is rightfully fair game, or his administration. It doesn’t even mention Trump, but rather seeks to dole out punishment to anyone who agreed with anything on the agenda in any way and starts off with calling Republicans racist.

The piece speaks volumes for itself, and the only other thing I can add is that it’s far from endearing and is a poor refection on Dems in general.