Perhaps I am somewhat naïve because when I read the latest so-called “racist” Trump tweets, nothing in them jumped out at me, screaming “racist,” as to lead to a conclusion that they could be accurately characterized in that way. Someone will have point out to me exactly what content in them demonstrates racism.

But then again, I was a Tea Partier at beginning of the movement when it had a libertarian flavor to it, and it was subjected to the same sort of characterizations that were and are still used generically as a quick attempt to shut the movement down. It was most ill-fitting quick-fix too, as they (mass media, politicians, talking heads full of hot air, etc., who happen to not agree with it) also added misogynistic to racist when characterizing the aspirations of Tea Partiers everywhere; and as many of my readers know, I would certainly have to be full to the brim with self-loathing in order for such a description to fit at all.

No. I don’t hate myself. Wanting big government off your back is not racist, nor is it misogynistic. But truth and stuff one might read or see in mass media or hear coming out of the mouths of politicians many times are entirely different things.

In visual news reports about the Trump tweets, I see pictures of four congresswomen identified as the targets of the them which is entirely strange because there weren’t four names in the tweets. There wasn’t even one name in the tweets. Who knows who (the hell) Trump was referring to. So why just four? Why not six or eight? Why not the entire Congressional Black Caucus or the Hispanic one? Perhaps that would be just too obvious of a stretch into speculation as to be believable.

I think reasonable people could argue forever over whether the Trump tweets contain some subtle racist underpinnings that are not immediately noticeable. I don’t see racism there. I see a frustrated and insulted person telling someone off – in “Who do you think you are” style.  However, nobody would ever really know what the motivation for the tweets was without being a mind reader. There is no open, obvious racism there.

The tweets are rude. But rudeness alone isn’t racism, and at least here, there are other more plausible explanations for it – like perhaps dirty politics – and Trump hasn’t exactly been treated with kid gloves by the opposition in public either. I think the nicest thing one could say about characterizing Trump as Russian tool and having him in prison stripes before ANY facts come out is that it was rude, not to mention all of the other various fishing expeditions – I mean investigations – that Trump has been subjected to without so much as probable cause. Maybe they did these things because they simply hate white men with orange hair??