Turkey began its military incursion into Northeastern Syria that is largely inhabited and controlled by Syria’s Kurdish population today, just moments after the last transport carrying American military personnel vacated the area on the order of POTUS.

And there certainly seems to be no shortage of footage of the Turkish military blowing up stuff attacking Kurdish villages on the Syrian side of the boarder from the mainstream news media outlets, which isn’t all that surprising as it isn’t difficult to tell right from wrong in this scenario.

I have no idea what it is like to have to live with such a consequential choice as Donald Trump has made to allow Turkey a free pass for murder. George H. W. Bush did almost the same thing to the Iraqi Kurds back in the early 90’s that lead to the wholesale slaughter of thousands of innocents on the side of a mountain, and he apparently had no trouble at all picking up his conscience and moving on as if nothing  had happened. I suppose that, after all, not much more could be expected from someone like the evil tyrant Sadam Hussein who was the one actually ordering the killing after the CIA had done its work encouraging the Kurds to revolt, assuring them they could count on the US for aid- aid that never arrived. Bush didn’t kill anyone. So why should he have been bothered by the carnage in the slightest?

But Turkey’s President Erdogan isn’t Sadam Hussein and Turkey, a NATO member country, isn’t quite so far along on the world’s shit list as Iraq was back then. I’m curious about what it is about this situation that deserves any sort of stamp of approval, however. At some point down the slippery slope, a tenuous ally can turn into an evil tyrannical regime; and my moral compass informs that evil tyrant is what evil tyrant does, and there isn’t any difference at all between Sadam Hussein slaughtering Kurds and Tayyip Erdogan slaughtering Kurds, which should place Erdogan’s Turkey pretty far up there on the world’s shit list.

But it seems obvious to me that Trump doesn’t have to worry about sleeping at night because, judging by his multiple attempts to sell his choice to pull our troops out of the vicinity of Northeast Syria to the American electorate over the last 48 hours instead of standing up and insisting Turkey GTFO of Syria under no uncertain terms, he obviously is a complete coward with little or no conscience at all.

To say that I am livid and nearly inconsolable about this situation would be an understatement. And Trump does himself no favors tweeting about all the money we will save having recalled the thousand troops that were there saving lives after he paid almost $30B to farmers injured by his failed tariff policy over the last two years as the policy lives on.

I am so sorry to have to say this, but Trump needs to go. If he can’t do the right thing, which he obviously has a serious problem discerning right from wrong and success from epic fail, he isn’t likely resign. There is only one thing left to do before he does some other consequential, extremely regretful thing. We can’t wait a year to vote the sociopath out.

PS: Ending endless wars means doing the hard work to secure the peace and this isn’t it.

PPS: Setting up a “Safe-zone” doesn’t mean martial law or patrols to prevent “terrorist activity”. It means land redistribution to more “desirable” residents – non-Kurdish and probably not even Syrian. With Trump’s thing for quid pro quo, I wonder if he has dibs on the choicest spot for a future resort.

PPPS: 35 Kurdish people died today as the result of the invasion in one village alone.