Greg Mankiw, on his blog a few days ago, announced that he was leaving the Republican Party for two reasons: 1) the willingness of elected Republicans to overlook Trump’s misdeeds; and 2) as an independent he can vote in the Democratic primary in his state to have what he believes is some say in whether a far left candidate is nominated.

This development regarding Mankiw is likely not news to many of you. And I doubt that it has much impact on Trump’s inner circle as Trump is rather preoccupied with economic advisers who seem to have quite a different view of the world than Mankiw, and most other mainstream economists. But, I suppose, that for each person who makes a public announcement such as this, there are many more who are doing this same thing quietly.

I got fed up with the Party and left years ago over their obsession with inflation and the dollar as store of value, so much so that they were apparently comfortable with unemployment stuck hovering between 9 and 10 percent well after the recession that began in 2007 had ended, and treated the victims of horrid monetary practices as deadbeats at best.

In my opinion, until Trump’s recent Syria debacle, none of his misdeeds have come close to a moral equivalence of hard money rhetoric and behavior on the heels of such a nasty recession. Without giving much thought to the Syria situation, one might even be able to sympathize with the surface appearance of Trump’s Syria intentions – to disentangle our involvement there. After all, he wasn’t victimizing his fellow countrymen as the result of dereliction of duty, negligence and poor choices there, and one certainly cannot say the same for the Party’s economic platform circa 2010.

It isn’t any wonder then that nearly the same Party creatures from 2010 don’t seem to care what Trump does to other people in a foreign land when they do not give a crap about their fellow citizens who cannot feed themselves due to a huge and persistent demand policy problem, not back in 2010 and not now. Trump is but a novice Republican when it comes to the ability to create and/or perpetuate policy-induced humanitarian crises, and then pretend as if he has nothing to do with it. Everyone knows who is responsible for innocent Kurds being ripped out of their homes and executed in ditches – a rather perverse and twisted definition of a “safe zone.”

They are monsters with a capital F (yes, F – use your imagination).

By the way, if you think this post contains some hint of seasoning with a criticism of Mr. Mankiw, you just might be correct.