The great thing about working remotely is that I was able to have the first day of public testimony in the impeachment inquiry going in the background while I worked.

Now, I heard that the first day was supposed to include the star witness, the acting Ambassador to Ukraine. Not the whistleblower of the quid pro quo claim, of course, because his testimony would be entirely hearsay. But hearsay didn’t seem to impede the Ambassador’s testimony – at all. if that’s all the Democrats have, a couple of guys who heard the reason for the hold up on Ukraine aid from a friend who heard it from a friend and violently disagree with that reason, they have nothing but a strawman to stand up and punch the stuffing out of. And they do so well at it too.

It’s really a huge and sad joke that this inquiry is such a sham when they have plenty of REAL red meat to pound Trump with: asking others to lie to investigators, obstruction, conflicts of interest every which way, including those directly connected to policy impacting our military presence in Syria or lack thereof while having a significant business presence in Turkey and the profound impact of it.

This is the first president ever to conduct policy in such a way as to reduce me to tears. I still cannot even look at news footage of the man without being overcome with rage over recent events in NE Syria. Hate is a pretty strong word, and I can’t say I’ve ever felt that way about anyone, except my ex-husband, until now.

And impeachment isn’t necessarily about crime. The misdemeanors portion of the impeachment clause is about administrative infractions. It was used to impeach Andrew Johnson who, like Trump, went out of his way at nearly every turn to govern against Congress; and it sent a “Who in hell do you think you are” message, loud and clear.

Democrats have a lack of evidence for the charges in the Ukraine matter. But the Syria thing is right there in plain sight. After all, we’re supposed to be the good guys. Good guys don’t do what Trump did to the Syrian Kurds. Good guys don’t even do that to the bad guys – allow them to be ripped from their homes to be summarily executed in ditches. Anyone paying attention to the situation there could see it coming from ten miles away!

Democrats in Congress must be elites and don’t particularly care about the policy tragedy this was and the message it sends. This on top of the tariffs tragedy and the vaporware China Phase One agreement, and whatever other kind of executive epic policy fail to point out that is injurious to multitudes as there are plenty of them, either current or future policy actions – nobody knows what sort of deeply regrettable and embarrassing things Trump will do next on a unilateral basis (just wait until he won’t need to be reelected!). Instead, it all just HAS to be about Joe Biden while ignoring the sort of corruption in which Biden was engaged. Righteous indignation that isn’t so righteous after all.

Good luck with that.