I discovered quite by accident that Dr. Fauci wasn’t the guy pulling the levers on the Defense Production Act to suck up all available prophylactic supplies like a black hole with hospitals on the other side during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the US, New York especially, like a freight train.

It is Pete Navarro, the President’s radical toady, who oversees Executive use of the Defense Production Act. The same guy who later tried to pin the disaster this caused on Fauci, as the originator of the memo I quoted in my last post about Fauci’s disaster where I provided the links to the information I was using.

Truly, I do not know whose idea it was to take the masks, the face shields, the disinfectants, and so on, that could have been used to prevent illness and help keep massive numbers of people out of the hospitals in the first place. Was it Navarro’s? Was it Redbeard’s and Fauci’s? There are only a few people who know what happened there and they aren’t discussing it. (I likely wouldn’t either).

It doesn’t really matter whose brainspawn that policy was. Fauci was the front man, making up stories about not needing masks that he likely now wishes he had not told, if he’s capable of that kind of regret.

After finding out who is behind use of the Defense Production Act, I felt the need to correct the record. I do not, however, believe an apology is in order. We all have choices to make about what comes out of our own mouth, with some content being more consequential than others, and Fauci made his. It’s too bad that all the years of his career spent trying to save lives have been punctuated with this neutralizing deed.

PS: I was wrong about the President too. He does have one, and only one, success. He did drain the swamp of self serving elites…. replacing them with monsters so terrible and mortally perverse the previous swamp beasts look like lambs.

RIP Herman Cain – maskless in Tulsa, at least he got a funeral.