Galling. With speech after speech that is more like an advertisement for Donald Trump, that’s the sum of the RNC convention this year.

Small government principles must be a thing of the past as they are conspicuously absent from the convention’s theme. I am additionally certain economic freedom in the form of free trade is dead. Or should I say free trade that doesn’t have The Donald’s blessing is dead. And these people have the nerve to proclaim that the Biden/Harris ticket will come for your freedoms and everything you hold dear if Donald falters in November.

Frankly, I am unsure what freedom there is left; and this point is so stunning and obvious given the less than secret trade policies of the Trump administration, one is left wondering if there is any Republican with half of their IQ left after nearly four years of Donald’s mind twisting – economic tyranny is good for you – to notice the hypocrisy.

Yes, Biden and Harris have their own tyrannical policy problems, and there were plenty of things said at the DNC convention that I don’t agree with. But, contrary to the claims of those speakers at the RNC convention that Donald is the only hope of the “shining city on the hill” that he wishes for others to only admire from afar, with Donald trailing in the polls by quite an uncomfortable margin, market indices appear as if a Biden administration is expected to be more like the Clinton administration economically, and less like Obama’s. All we need is for Biden to be well enough in mind, body and spirit to last through eight years of the presidency. If Biden becomes too ill to carry out his duties, then the outlook may change somewhat.

After having spent most of my life as a Republican (big L, little r), the realization that Reaganism and the hopes and achievable aspirations that came with it are dead, and the Republican party as a whole presently having very little to offer to posterity except tyrannical big government of a different stripe is a very sad moment, indeed. And this probably why I am particularly hard on Republicans these days. They should know better than to support Donald’s tyranny yet can’t seem to muster the courage to inform Donald how wrong he is and tell him to stuff a mask on it.

Taking all the prophylactic supplies and lying to the public about their need and efficacy in the onset of a major pandemic…. Who does this? Better yet, who does this with the support of a major political party where nobody seems to get what a huge policy problem this was. And nobody is fired.

And insisting on opening schools during the height of the pandemic… WHO DOES THIS?

Allowing the Syrian Kurds to be attacked and indiscriminately killed based on ethnic prejudice by Turkish military forces, insisting on this policy and firing major cabinet members to implement it. Who does this? Better yet, who does this with the support of a major political party where nobody seems to get what a huge policy problem this was.

A proclamation that “all is well” after a handful of Iranian missiles hit a US base in Iraq as if missiles are lobbed at US bases every day. WHO DOES THIS? Let’s just roll over and take a few more, huh?

What about cleaning up the Chinese proxy North Korea mess? NADA.

And the shining city on the hill in which nobody can seek refuge.

And damage to farmers, and the pay offs financed by taxing low income consumption with tariffs that hardly scratched the surface of woe… and why I pay more for wet cat food and other items traditionally packaged in cans – and persisting in the lazy man’s trade war despite obvious damage. WHO DOES THIS?

The easier thing to do here is to ask what Donald has done to leave everyone better off because the list is shorter. Outside of a handful of financial and energy deregulation efforts that were offset by bad economic policies, it’s just about zero.

Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan are spinning in their graves – alone and forsaken.