Of the “key” swing states in the election, Pennsylvania and Michigan will be certifying their results tomorrow. Arizona is already certified, as is Georgia. Barring any presentation of specific admissible evidence of illegality in these certifications, Trump’s efforts to overturn the results have nearly zero chance of producing any outcome that leads to second term for him. Since this has been such a strange year full of surprises, I modified what I believe to be the end of the line for Trump with “nearly”.

The best Trump could hope to accomplish with his lawsuits after these results are certified would be to take enough electoral votes away from Biden so that neither man is elected, throwing the election to the House. It may or may not take a direct route to the House, though I believe that if a State does not have official results, the electors haven’t been elected unpledged or otherwise. So, drama over electors is just that – drama. If Trump’s mostly bogus claims get him that far the House will have to sort it out.

The House has two roles in the election: accepting the slates of electors from the States and resolving any situation in which nobody receives enough votes to win. Any post-election confusion over who gets the Oval Office never results in the guy with the expiring term hanging around by default. I don’t envision the House accepting electors appointed by Republican governors or legislatures in the absence of official election results or putting Trump back in for another term. Should Trump’s term expire before it gets sorted out, the Speaker of the House is legally entitled to assume the office. Trump will have to leave, and we will get President Pelosi.

Do not believe anyone who claims Trump is causing a Constitutional crisis. There is no crisis. Presidential succession is clearly defined in the Constitution itself and in existing law. Trump is causing us to have to think about presidential succession processes that have not been used in over 120 years. But the framers and congresses since have put a lot of thought toward what needs to be done to avoid usurpers. They saw Trump coming from 250 years away.

Trump will be president until noon on inauguration day. After which, he is done. It’s up to him if he leaves with dignity on his own two feet, or by being dragged out of the White House in cuffs or on a gurney.

By then, of course, there will be many, many more pissed off people over and above the ones voting for Republican house and senate members, but against Trump. Without seeing hard data, that is my assumption about what happened to Trump’s sure victory. He was instead rebuked by the people who hold the power in this country; it wasn’t a fluke. He should take a lesson from it and go about his way without letting the White House door hit him in the ass to avoid more history-making drama that ends with him looking even more pathetic and disgraceful than he already does.

PS: For the spineless Republicans still supporting this wannabe usurper, cowering from Donald’s Twitter account instead of from the people who sent you to the Beltway, the best thing that could ever happen to you, and to the rest of us, would be for the time of Trump to be in the rear-view mirror. He needs to be told it is over. If you do not insist that it is over for him while looking on as he attempts to overthrow our republican form of government, you have no right to call yourself a Republican. Everything he does heretofore is on you. It will be remembered.