With the era of The Donald approaching an uneasy ending, through its drama, the silence of most small ‘d’ democrats is deafening. And I wonder if this is how the last best hope for man would end – with a whimper as everyone waits with bated breath for the egalitarian order to save itself, even though the Constitution is merely a political compact written on a piece of paper in 1789 that has been the only separation between ballots and bullets through the centuries since. It cannot enforce itself; there must be something inside each one of us to fight for it, even though not a work of perfection by any means, its tenants and principles are preferable to autocratic and murderous tyranny and abuse from such as one who believes he has the right to mislead about a deadly virus after deciding he wants us “all infected.”

 Just ask yourself if the President of the United States has the right to decide what risk we all take with our health, to lie to us and take from us the tools of remaining healthy so that we have no other choice but to comply. If he does have that right, we are not a free people. We are merely ants in the ant farm, there for the amusement of others. Just imagine what he will do with the ant farm once any formal legal restraints on his power have been removed.

Some are looking toward the incoming Biden administration for a sense of normalcy. They’ll wait out the waning days of Trump and on January 20th, they’ll delude themselves into to believing they’ve woken from a nightmare, and all will be well once again. But Biden is old and a weak leader. He campaigned on unity, yet he is putting together a cabinet even more ideologically radical than Obama’s that is gearing up to poke the body politic wasps’ nest with many more remedies to non-consensus problems. It’s as if he sees Trump as the cause rather than a symptom of disunity. He is mistaken and is already worse than an idiot.

I think the real problem is that the Federal government is too big in a regulatory sense, and too much legislative power is delegated to the executive branch in the form of rule and policymaking. One size does not comfortably fit all right down to the food we eat, and the obvious takeaway lesson from Trump in general and governmental management of the COVID crisis is that more federalism and more decentralization, not less, is what is needed to make living together as one possible without sacrificing enlightenment ideals.

It was Governor Cuomo who stood in the way of Trump’s morbid natural herd immunity COVID strategy. It’s true that Cuomo is among the dirtiest of rat bastards when it comes to politics, and perhaps even in his personal relationships as well, but not so much of one when it comes to plans from on high that have very little sunlight between them and the machinations of Mao (most conservatives wouldn’t know a communist or a mass murdering tyrant from a hole in the ground). In so doing, he was among freedom’s first line of defense. Imagine such an unlikely source.

But not everyone had a Cuomo, nor would they appreciate one. That’s fine. Learn the hard way. Risk your health and those around you. Choose incivility over common sense, and don’t wear a mask and hang out with others doing the same. But don’t expect to do it in New York. Voters in New York will handle policy in New York. Voters in Florida will handle policy Florida.

This is the way it should be, with very little room for the central government to dictate from ivory towers everything down to what lightbulbs we use and the size of donut holes, with the swinging pendulum of winning meaning the extraction of as much unwillingly given concessions as possible on a national scale.

We cannot go on like this. Our Federal government will not long survive like this, and rightly so. My fear is of what is on the other side of its demise – and I think there are many who are not fearful enough that Donald is merely a warning about how seriously close to collapse the politically abusive Federal behemoth truly is.

Wake up!!