Biden is now the indisputable president-elect, as he should be. Donald Trump gave us one hell of ride getting there; and I suppose that nobody really knows if the 2020 election is finally over, or if it has opened a whole new dark, convulsive chapter in American history.

I pray that isn’t case. But everywhere I look, there are friends, family and connected strangers who are completely deluded about the legitimacy of the election, even though it is likely the most scrutinized and litigated in history. More than 60 lawsuits afterward, and the result is still the same.

Stranger still, people whom I thought would know better host endless barrages of disgusting intellectual dishonesty like this:

In Georgia, Ballotpedia reports that “more than six times as many people cast an absentee vote by mail in the 2020 presidential election than in 2016. According to the secretary of state’s office, President-elect Joe Biden had almost double the absentee-by-mail votes as President Donald Trump – almost 850,000 for Biden compared with about 450,000 for Trump,”

And they do it knowing full well that Trump, for months prior to the election, hounded his supporters to vote in person – amid a pandemic that concerns an illness that is clearly not “just the flu,”  likely knowing that if he were unable to invalidate mail-in ballots, he had no chance of winning.

But it didn’t work. The virus spread even faster and Trump still lost.

Trump lost 60+ more times in courts at all levels, state and federal – you know, the places where we settle disputes in a civil manner, and where truth is supposed to be found if it is to be found anywhere. The truth about election fraud was found in court again and again, at least 60 times – all the way to SCOTUS. It just wasn’t the kind of truth Donald was looking for.

What else is there left to do if one simply cannot accept defeat? Prevent the Electoral College vote certification. We saw the attempt. We saw that it took the National Guard troops that Donald held up for 90 minutes (according to Gov. Hogan of Maryland) to quell a rebellion against Congress that left five people dead, including one Capitol Police officer hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. We saw the men roaming the floor of Congress with zip-tie handcuffs clutched in their hands searching for their intended victims, and the gallows they had erected outside.

We saw it all unfolding on live TV. And it’s very puzzling to me that when some Republicans with a platform are approached about this, they want to talk about Hunter Biden, or Russia-gate, or the objections to Trump’s electoral college votes when none of this has anything to do with what the President of the United States just attempted to do. Nor could any of that justify a coup. They should save it for the widow of the police officer and her now fatherless children.

And I wonder whether they’ve bothered to ask themselves what was supposed to happen next with our VP and half of Congress murdered on behalf of Trump if this plot had succeeded; or why they believe  we’d be interested at all in the way Donald had been treated with nearly 250 years of the enlightenment flushed down the toilet, and the inevitable murder/purge spree in the thereafter underway.

Or maybe these people are as small and incredibly naive as they sound. Politics sucks. Our government sucks. But it’s what we have and is better than any alternative Trump could possibly offer after murdering as many people as he needs to get what he wants. Is THAT what they want?? If they can’t persuade me to accept this travesty, would they just get rid of me??

There are a lot of things that I believe I know. I’ve seen a lot of things happen in my life, and I’ve tried to learn the best lessons from these occasions as I could. But nothing like this has ever happened here. The only thing anywhere near this is the story about Buchanan sending the troops out West and stealing money out of the Treasury along with emptying the weapons depots as seven states left the Union and Lincoln waited to be sworn in. Today, we call Buchanan final acts as president treason. We don’t bother to water it down by referring to it as insurrection or sedition – because it was treason. What Trump attempted is much worse.

So, I can’t say what these people, the Republicans attempting to cast doubt on the President’s intentions or involvement, want – really.  The only thing I understand about this is completely off-the-charts madness going on here and there is absolutely nothing I have in common with these people.

We say in the IT support world that, “We can’t fix stupid.” We can’t justify stupid, either. And I think that if these people can’t face the truth about Trump treasonous plot, they should just not say anything at all. It’s better that way. I can’t fix them. That’s something they have to do on their own.