I found an article about truth being a fundamental basis for cohesion in a free society, There’s No Such Thing as “Her Truth” or “His Truth”—Only the Truth, by Lawrence W. Reed from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). He is FEE’s President Emeritus, Humphreys Family Senior Fellow, and Ron Manners Global Ambassador for Liberty, having served for nearly 11 years as FEE’s president (2008-2019). There’s more about him at the link.

It’s a great read, especially after coming out of the fanciful relativism of Trump’s intellectual wilderness where it seemed as if the truth about the coronavirus, the election results, and just about everything else was hopelessly lost and would never again be found. Through it all, after having been a part of Republican-leaning social circles for longer than I can remember, it seemed as if COVID was not the only surreal part of 2020.

I now truly believe, after all the mask-denying out there and mask-less rallies and political parties, that there is likely something to the handful of studies I’ve seen that conclude that COVID can cause neurological damage inside the brain. Everyone within my sphere of existence are behaving so strangely and aren’t interested in engaging in substantive debate about what the truth about anything may be. They are unequivocally unreachable, like zombies, and can’t hear any point about any topic intentionally broached without mention of Trump.

Like the necessity of wearing a mask. I can provide link after link to this study or that study about the effectiveness of masking in helping to prevent transmission of viruses and other harmful antigens, and about how one can spread COVID before knowing one is infected, and they still argue as if they didn’t read what I wrote or the documentation I provided.

Really, it’s common sense. Put a piece of cloth on your face and your germs largely stay with you. The alternative is to not wear a mask, puff out your germs all over someone, and they get sick, spreading it to others before they are aware they are sick.

I’ve heard just about all the obstinate sorts of retorts there are. The mask isn’t 100% so can’t help. Only certain people are going to end up with serious health issues with COVID. And I say that even 25% (and a quilter’s cloth mask with 2 layers is about 75%) is better than 0%, because if you look at the population breakdown of the phased vaccine rollout, both 1a and 1b groups comprise almost half of the population, at least here in New York. So, vulnerable people and essential workers who can easily be part of super spreader events are all around wherever one might be while out in public.

Do we really know what a diabetic looks like? If you don’t know what a diabetic looks like, you need to wear a mask. It’s the same for someone with auto-immune disease, or cancer, or heart problems. If you can’t pick them out in a crowd and intentionally refuse to wear a mask, you certainly have not won my respect. My only advice is to educate yourself with a trip to the local ICU and take a look at the suffering COVID can cause.

I am certainly not going to be spreading this virus around if I can help it. I also do not want it because of the suffering it causes, even if it doesn’t put me into the hospital. It’s an awful disease, even in “mild” form, that can damage tissues in the lungs, brain, heart, kidneys, and elsewhere. The reason for this is that if your immune system is naive to the virus, your innate immune system is all you have to fight it with – and it does scorched[BC1] -earth battle, killing off infected cells while eating as many virus particles as it can.  Later, after you develop specialized antibodies for the virus, about 12-14 days, the tissue damage from the innate immune system slows down. But that is when the inflammatory response to the virus can get out of control – and that causes more tissue damage. COVID also can cause blood clotting anywhere in the body; and these can lead to stokes, pulmonary embolisms, deep vein thrombosis weeks later.

It truly is an insidious disease, and why any would not do as much as they can to avoid the spread is beyond my comprehension. Mask mandates aren’t about your relationship to government. They are about your relationship to the people around you, like avoiding driving on the sidewalk or stepping on the gas when you see a pedestrian on the crosswalk. You don’t want to hurt them.