Pre-pandemic, I was no fan of Andrew Cuomo. But I appreciate his work managing the COVID virus.

Cuomo did not kill grannies and grampies with COVID nursing home policy. I outlined in this post what the nursing home bruhaha was about while it was happening. Because of the optics, however, it’s just a convenient vector of political attack by people who have no issue with lobbing such unscrupulous charges.

About the women who say they experienced unwanted advances from Cuomo, it really does not sound serious to me. So, he flirted with them, tried to kiss one. But I haven’t heard that he was disgusting or criminal about it. Not one of them said they asked him to stop with their request going ignored.

I don’t want to leave the wrong impression, though. Cuomo has done things to people that he should not have just because they were in his way. Former New York Governor Paterson is one such person. I’m not crying that he tried to strongarm De Blasio in a bad way by telling people in the hoods that Breanna Taylor was murdered so they would go cause trouble in the city when he knew she wasn’t murdered. It seems like his modus operandi to fight dirty with people who aren’t cooperating with him. There are probably many more instances I haven’t heard about. He is not a nice guy; and, in a way, one gets what they give.

But somebody who has the management and leadership skills that Cuomo possesses is a rarity and it’s important to have someone in the Governor’s Mansion who has those qualities. Kathy Hochul, the lieutenant governor, is not that in any way. New York Democrats are taking a huge gamble hounding Cuomo out of office to get to her, and I really wish they wouldn’t do it.

The lying and vitriol that’s been parading around as acceptable politics lately isn’t good for the general welfare, neither is Kathy Hochul, and it needs to stop now. Let Cuomo finish his term and then take whatever gripes you have against him to the voters for the good of all.