The Governor of Florida, Ron Desanits, held a public, entirely one-sided, COVID roundtable a couple of weeks ago in which nearly every quack featured on Unherd was invited, and health science or virologist experts from the mainstream were invited.

I’d have to watch the video again to list the names of the people in attendance besides the governor. But I am lazy and if you want to know who was there, check out the Unherd website here – but not just yet. I need to warn you to be prepared for a hefty dose of narcissism at this website and a complete lack of regard to the potential tissue damage infected individuals experience.

When the body’s immune system is naive to a virus, the innate, or generalized, immune cells go to battle with it in a scorched earth kind of way. They kill infected cells like just kicking ass and not bothering to take names. It takes a couple of weeks before the body can manufacture enough specialized, neutralizing antibodies that work specifically on the viral particles and prevent them from infecting cells so the infection can be cleared.

So, depending on how prolific the virus is once inside the body, and I’ve heard that the newer variants are between 30% and 60% more prolific, and whether it manages to travel to vital organs,  the person can end up with longer term tissue damage in the lungs, heart, kidneys, and brain once the infection is cleared even from just a moderate case.

COVID isn’t something to mess around with unless you’re interested in risking long term medical issues.

And these Unheard people take it so glibly – just ignore it and it will go away! How novel.

This video was a very frustrating thing to watch. I had about enough if it when one of the “experts” said that the infection rate was likely 10-fold to what had been diagnosed, I believe to reason that taking a vaccine was unnecessary.

But, by the numbers, that estimate of the actual infection rate is obviously outrageously overstated. There were over 31 million diagnosed cases in the US as of today. There are ~330 million people in the US. If the actual infection rate were 10-fold the diagnosed cases, we would not still have 50k+ cases reported per day – the pandemic would be over in the US for the most part, because 31 million x 10 is 310 million and having had the disease from an immune perspective is next to being vaccinated. But it is far from over, even with 60 million fully vaccinated.

The rest of their arguments with the lockdowns, favoring the “protecting the vulnerable” approach have been tried with the most notorious instance of its failure being the President of the United States. Trump tried to build a testing wall around himself, and when it failed, it turned the White House grounds into repeat offender super-spreader events.

I didn’t agree with lockdowns. I didn’t agree with taking the PPE from the general public and lying about whether faces should be covered in public.  But it isn’t possible to have the cake and to eat it too. If policymakers take the stuff people need to interact in a safer way than just letting it all fly, leaving people with only the washbasin to defend themselves with, as they did early on, then policy lockdowns are beside the point as far the economic damage wrought – because most of us are not interested in taking risks with our health and don’t need to be told to stay away from strangers. Duh!

If I were jaded and cynical… Oh, wait. I am jaded and cynical. I suspect that the COVID BS at this roundtable and other similar inhumane shit shows are really about getting people out their houses and back to the restaurants and bars regardless of risk because their lives or their occasion of meeting a fate possibly worse than death subsequent to the course of doing business are worth less than the drink and/or meal, or whatever the object being sold or traded.

They want my money, to get it anyway they can, even maskless, without a care about what happens to me after they get it. Are those people I want to do business with?? Not just no, hell no. No integrity, no empathy, if I am aware of it, not one penny goes from me to you, not even after I am vaccinated.

Speaking of such, I will be getting my first Pfizer shot on Saturday.