In an article published earlier this week, the New York Post explains why the COVID epidemic in India is so bad. In a nutshell, the explanation is that during an election cycle, politicians were self-servingly disingenuous about the seriousness of COVID.

What’s so amazing about this being pointed out by the NY Post (a de facto Trump propaganda machine) is that I recall something like this happening in the US from the very start of the pandemic that began in an election year. Downplaying of the virus. Declaring victory over the pandemic, “We’re rounding the corner!!” Holding huge maskless rallies where people were packed in shoulder to shoulder, even with their little kids in tow. Complaining about and proudly flaunting restrictions on religious observance. Glorifying the virtues of naked faces and taunting people who wear masks and social distance. All of it to the tune of record breaking daily COVID fatalities in the second wave that India has yet to top (officially).

Implicitly, all these things are fine in the US, and when Trump does them. But they are major contributing factors to human suffering when they happen elsewhere.

The irony is breathtaking.

PS: I will be following Liz Cheney wherever she goes. I hope it’s over to the Lincoln Project.