President Biden has been taking some heat lately, over the Afghanistan demobilization. I’ve heard the term ‘debacle’ being thrown around, and I must admit that the optics of it were not the best. But I have a bit of different take on the situation.

  1. We couldn’t have left Afghanistan without leaving Afghanistan and all the political upheaval of the power vacuum that is left behind. It’s a fact of human nature that filling power vacuums can be very messy, especially when the adversary was not utterly defeated and had been given a year to regroup.
  2. For a thought experiment, when put into the same context as the Syria demobilization, it seems to me that the things that looked bad to most people, like the total chaos at the Kabul airport, happened because Biden was not going to leave people behind if he didn’t have to while the plan drawn up by the Trump administration had no provision for evacuations. If I were to guess, if Trump had been president during the Afghanistan demobilization, the chaos at the airport would never have happened because he fully intended to just pull the troops out, come what may. That is exactly what he did in Syria and learned no lesson from it. Here, the Biden administration got the word out as Kabul fell, perhaps too well, for people who wanted to leave to go to the airport, which they did – in droves!
  3. Only someone who is seriously confused cannot see it for what it is and would want Biden impeached for at least trying to get people out instead of employing Trump’s signature style of having no more F**Ks to give, saying “See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.”
  4. The GOP politicians should be reminded of the Syria demobilization debacle daily, and twice on Sunday, for as long as it takes to totally and thoroughly extract every last pound of narcissistic flesh that is due justice for the Syrian Kurds that they enabled Trump to literally leave for dead without the political fallout it deserved. If ever there were grounds for impeachment of Trump, that should have been it. They appear to be so seeped in hypocrisy that they simply can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong.