If the EU can cope with 700+ and the UK with 500+ members in their respective parliaments, there is no reason the US House of Representative cannot have more than 435.

It seems that the job of a congress person is to do everything other than represent. They campaign 24×7 year around, find time to argue about things that don’t matter, like whether Trump is derelict or should be allowed access to social media. And most recently, they seem to believe it’s their duty to screw over the democratic process just so they can assure themselves more time to do it.

I mean, at one for roughly every 750K people, and getting more diluted every year, it’s really no wonder these politicians have their priorities messed up. I care nothing about what happens to Donald Trump, and I’m in a crowd of more than 81M who also wished to show him the door. Yet nearly every waking hour since he left office has been spent by GOP politicians on rigging the next election and making asses out of themselves over this former President – and nothing on doing the right things by anyone else.

It’s never been more apparent that something needs to give than yesterday when 90% of the GOP in the House voted not to hold Bannon in contempt for blowing off a congressional subpoena. The vote wasn’t about Trump or Bannon. It was about whether congressional subpoenas have meaning. But maybe only autocrats have a vested interest in piling more weakness onto the legislative body.

And this is illogical behavior from a first-person standpoint. We’ve seen what Trump does with people when he is finished with them. Perhaps each of these 202 GOP reps believe they will be spared when Donald doesn’t need Congress anymore. But I wouldn’t count on it. Each one of them will end up like Giuliani – worked over and dumped like yesterday’s dirty diapers because in the end, as Donald said, only he, alone, can “Fix it”. There’s no room for useful idiots, and there’s no reward – only punishment.

At any rate, I’ve never been more certain that I did not leave the Republican Party. It left me.