I started out writing a post about the lack of Republican attendance at the moment of silence in remembrance of the Capitol Police officers who are no longer with us after attempting to defend the Capitol on January 6, 2021. A moment of silence for the fallen is one of the general decency things that is the least that can be done when nothing else can be. Yet, the entire Republican caucus of the US House couldn’t seem to put aside their own inner issues to muster even that for people who put it all on the line to defend the Capitol and all of them from an angry mob. It’s either the most cowardly or most brazen, narcissistic, and juvenile act from these Republicans yet seen; though, I don’t have the nerve to be shocked. They’ve abandoned the things that matter for things that do not.

But I didn’t like the post that I started. Instead, I offer my opinion about how the Lincoln Project can further its goals while remaining agnostic to policy and world view.

Rick Wilson from the Lincoln Project has apparently felt some amount of fallout from the Terry McAuliffe fiasco over the past couple of weeks. His initial cop out for the things the Lincoln Project has done was that, “the Project isn’t a policy organization. We have one objective, and one objective only: to save America from autocracy.”

That may be true, now, to their intentions and in their own minds. But in my mind, elections have consequences that are far-reaching. One cannot just throw bombs on them for some reason or none, then wipe one’s hands to the thereafter (perhaps if you’re something like Trump, you may find this an extremely easy thing to do, however). The cop out also lacks mission clarity as, in the early days, it was an organization with the purpose to rid us of the scourge of Trump in which the Project was wildly successful. Or was it? Trump was unelected. But the maelstrom of Trump has proven a formidable foe, not easily going off into the night and fading away. Is this what the Project founders had envisioned?

Honestly, I have great respect and admiration for the people at the Project. It took courage and enduring patriotism to get even this far. Everyone wants to have clean streets and nobody, but these guys, were willing to pick up the broom for the cleanup on aisle R. This is what makes their direction so disappointing. Yes. The Biden administration’s failures are better than Trump failures if for no other reason than most of them have honest intentions behind them. Can we say the same for someone like Terry McAuliffe? Probably not. How much better off would Virginians be with go-out-and-win-this-one-for-me McAuliffe than their ultimate pick?

The nonpolicy cop out also doesn’t explain why, when watching Lincoln TV, it sounds more like DNC vision complete with identity and environmental politics at the forefront. It’s one thing to support Biden because he’s a somewhat honorable man and another thing entirely to swallow the koolaid and then serve it up to the guests. Are we better off this way than leaving things as is? NO!!

The imagery of the Democrats being the only ones to stand and honor the Capitol Police in a moment of silence is breathtaking. They truly are standing there alone in a desperate moment for the country, much has their party had been left during some of the hardest times this country has faced over the last 100 years.  They have the rich history that can pick us all up and leave us better off. But I don’t think they remember how.

In Milton Friedman’s words, “Politics isn’t about party or getting the right person elected. It’s never been that way and we don’t have time for that. It’s about getting the wrong people to do the right thing.” I think we have the right people who want to do the right things. They deserve our help as much as they will allow. We owe it to ourselves to try.

By the way, Glenn Kirchner may be an excellent resource for the Lincoln Project to perhaps develop a focused plan to complete the cleanup on aisle R while responsibly avoiding getting sucked into policy issues. The biggest problem is that while Trump is no longer directly at the levers of power, the issue of his criminality and that of his enablers remains unresolved and he thus wields the worst sort of power, unaccountable power as long as this continues to be the case. Polls indicate that most of his supporters don’t particularly understand what he did as they are unreachable by traditional media and exist in the alternate social media reality created by those enablers who continue to lie to them. (I never believed such unaccountable rottenness was possible.)

Despite what our honorable Atty. General has said, that the Justice Department will not rest until everyone responsible for J6, at all levels, are held to account, I have my doubt that a case against Trump and his enablers is anywhere near actionable. I am not in the Department. I do not know what they are working on, and it would be unreasonable to expect release of that information. But they have the Trump speech at the Ellipse on that day and the plain reading of the seditious conspiracy code that renders the, “… peacefully make your voices heard…” modifier irrelevant to whether the code was violated. Trump, among other speakers, told the mob that the election was stolen from them and to go stop what was happening at the Capitol, and the mob complied. It is that simple.

There was a Los Angeles Times reporter who followed the mob up to and into the Capitol. Among other things, the image of Alex Jones standing on the steps of the Capitol building, immediately adjacent to where Capitol police officers were being assaulted and then walking to the back to his black van that was parked about 20 ft. away is included on the video footage he captured that day. Why does Alex Jones remain unindicted for his participation in and organization efforts for the event?

There may be other “bigger fish” included in available video of the day whom I do not recognize. Where was the Pillow Guy? One would think that he would not have missed witnessing the fruit of his labors.

As long as Trump and his enablers are feeling little heat for their crimes and the truth their conspiracy to overthrow election results after Trump chose to ignore rulings of the courts at all levels remains buried on the desk of a US attorney, and the base remains in the dark, the rest of the Party has cover to behave badly at the behest of Trump, sometimes in obvious ways, and perhaps in not so obvious ways. If they can brazenly organize a mob and unleash hell, they are capable of anything.

If we want the Trump era over and done with, the truth about what happened needs to come out and these people need to be dealt with.

The Project may be better suited to pursuing this end, if it truly wishes to have no part in policy.