In my opinion, there are a few issues that should cause at least one rational person to question the MAGA narrative, or more precisely, the Trump narrative. Even if you are confident you will find that I am an agenda-driven, rabid anti-Trumpian, and am willing to make up stories and embellish facts because it makes me feel better, you should at least investigate it. Not even MSNBC embellishes or lies about everything, only most everything.

How I wish the content of my blog for the last year was all made up just to make me feel better. It would be easy to let go of and move on to my next big lie for the fun of it. The same lies get stale and boring. I need some fun… really.

Here are some simple questions. It’s an open book quiz, so Google as much as you want and its not timed.

  1. Where is the wall? Why is Texas now spending billions building the wall on their share of the border if Donald built the wall and made Mexico pay for it?
  2. What happened to the Syrian Kurds when our troops were removed from northern Syria?
  3. Is COVID just the flu? Is it something that a leader should minimize? If so, what happens to the followers, or is it fine to not concern ourselves with that?
  4. Who pulled the troops out of Afghanistan to levels that would make an evacuation impossible (2500) and when did that happen?
  5. Where is the Chinese trade deal?
  6. Where is the EU trade deal?
  7. Do government trade deals represent “free trade”?
  8. What happened to the USMCA in Canada?
  9. Did Smoot-Hawley fix the great depression? If not, why not? What was life like for average people during the Great Depression, and why does it matter to Smoot-Hawley?
  10. Why are our ports suddenly clogged up? Maybe it has something to do with tariff inspection?
  11. Where does the incidence of tariffs fall – who ultimately pays the tariffs?
  12. Does the Electoral Vote Count Act give the VP the authority to reject electoral votes? Does the Constitution do so? If not, who has that authority?