My name is Bonnie and the ‘dajeeps’ Blog is my own personal nook in cyberspace, one of the very few places where I can say whatever happens to be on my mind. I am independent of any organization and intend to keep it that way. The views expressed herein are my own and do not reflect in any way the opinions of anyone but me in my personal capacity.

If you’re looking for education information, you’re not going to find any relevant to the things I write about as I did not have any skill in planning my career when young. I am not particularly smart, but I do have a personal habit, probably to a fault, of questioning everything. I read a lot, but not the typical kinds of things people read. History and economics books are my preference.

Political Orientation:

Classical Liberal – pragmatic, disassociated with modern libertarianism

Limited gov’t involvement in markets

Constitutionalist – supporter of the rule of law and strict constitutional construction

Socially liberal and pro-life – the proper way to affect behavior is by persuasion rather than attempting to enforce moral codes of behavior with government, especially at the Federal level where there is no constitutional authority to regulate individual behavior.

The 10th amendment means what it says, and states should stand up for themselves when the Federal gov’t overreaches its constitutional authority


Market Monetarist


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