Progressives have been spreading anti-democratic disinformation for decades. They need to be called out for it.

I’ve certainly done my share of criticizing the MAGA movement. I realize that it may have left an impression that, implicitly, I agree with the other side of the perceived political dichotomy of right versus left. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

My disagreement with the MAGA movement has three main facets:

  1. In most cases, the end doesn’t justify the means.
  2. Some economic and immigration policy differences.
  3. My opinion that Donald Trump doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything but that which concerns Donald Trump

For this post today, I’ll be focusing on the first item on the list, public and political behavior as if the end justifies the means, only not concerning the MAGA movement. Not this time, because having recently diverged from the same political roots, I believe that, at its base, there are legitimate grievances that have been preyed upon by malevolent opportunists who will say, and have said, literally anything to have power.

I understand completely what it’s like to understand original intent and requirement for consensus at the Federal level of governance and to see it trashed on regular basis, as many activist groups on the left utilized the courts and unelected bureaucrats to achieve particular policy goals, making end-runs around consensus. Roe v. Wade is one example, but there are countless others that have occurred with progressivity since before I was old enough to comprehend it. Every year brought some new Federal government-expanding legal ‘innovation’ with which, in large part, the right held substantive disagreement, yet had the whole raft shoved down our throats, nonetheless.

These sorts of victories sans the need for political consensus over the last several decades did not come without cost. When it came down to the point of the government calling school children fat and raiding their lunch bags at school, on top of the rest, it was enough. My favorite pastries, small things that put some enjoyment into daily life, were regulated out of existence. And then, we got Obama Care amid the deepest and longest recession since the Great Depression because we had not yet had enough unwanted programs. Pursuit of long wished for programs were more important than to remedy the most basic hurt most have ever experienced. It was elitist tone deafness on steroids.

Now, while there are many examples of radical progressive disinformation floating around the internet, such as how the Supreme Court ‘stripped women of their rights to their own bodies‘ that I find to be completely annoying and untrue, I came across this video about the Supreme Court decision in WV v. EPA that gave me the inspiration for this post.

According to this guy, the Supreme Court is now allowing big polluters to go on polluting with impunity, which will make us all die torturous, early deaths. And this certainly is reason enough to pack the Court because it cares not about quality of life for any of us.

Trust me. If the Supreme Court were packed with a bunch of mini-me’s, enforcement of the Clean Air Act as a restraint to the organic growth of government, as what happened in this case, would have been the least of possible outcomes. The Act tramples all over the meaning of the ‘Commerce Clause’. If Congress wants the government to regulate in that fashion and there’s widespread consensus, an amendment to the Constitution to allow it shouldn’t be an issue. If it is an issue, then it’s not doable at the Federal level.

My point is that the issue of EPA regulation isn’t black or white as this video makes it out to be; it gets to regulate anything and everything or nothing. The EPA does not get to decide on its own WHAT to regulate, Congress does and delegates the legal authority to do so with legislation. The EPA decides on HOW to regulate the things that it has lawful authority to regulate. So, anyone who values rule of law and democratic consensus should be applauding the Court’s decision in WV v. EPA. If regulation of the substance of the dispute is desired, the proper remedy is political, not judicial.

What we have is a video of a radical progressive authoritarian crying because the Court enforced the law against bureaucratic scope creep. Oh, boohoo. On top of it, it suggests court packing as the remedy so they can do more of the same tyrannical governing against the body politic that they’ve been getting away with for the last 60 years or more. And this is just one example, from a sea of the like, of an ethical equivalent to those spreading MAGA conspiracies, demagoguery and Trump worship, with the only difference being in policy opinion.

Yet, this guy and people like him, including some of the more well-known politicians on the left, are NEVER called out as authoritarians who dislike democracy and the rule of law when they clearly are, for advocating governance against the States and the people at large through the courts, consensus be damned.

Why is this outrage not on the front page of every media outlet with headlines as demeaning as they are for MAGA heads? And… Why is this video still on YouTube as it is clearly disinformation that is damaging to our democratic institutions?

The MAGA and progressive movements are two different sides of the same lying, authoritarian coin, and they should be equally exposed and derided.