It’s been an amazing three months for supposed principled conservative Donald Trump who has changed him mind on so many issues, he probably isn’t the same person as when he started the presidential race.

Possible 3rd party run if not nominated. Maybe not. He’ll drop out of the race if he tanks. He’s never leaving. He was for taking in Iraqi and Syrian refugees before he would send them back. He was for legalizing pot. Now, not so much. Ditto for abortion.

And among just these few moments of Trump’s reflection I’ve mentioned are some serious issues. They aren’t comparative to the choice of which color tie one decides to wear on any given day, but that appears to be the seriousness with which he takes them regardless of the consideration they deserve, while attached to each one are the lives of real people. He tries to make himself out to be one of the mob. But really, deep down, he’s an aloof elitist through and through.

Even more than this though, the basics of being president have more to do with managerial skills, being able to make decisions in a bureaucracy the size of the Federal government that is more arduous to turn around than an ocean liner. One cannot make a decision and then rescind it later without wreaking havoc and wasting loads of time and money. But perhaps that doesn’t matter to Mr. Trump. It is, after all, someone else’s time and money.

PS: A Trump fanatic posted a link to an article with the headline “Trump is happy the Russians are bombing the hell out ISIS.” Out of the 65 Russian sorties flown through Thursday, 10 hit ISIS targets and 2 hit US training facilities. The rest were FSA. In addition, the Russians bombed the division of FSA fighting off ISIS in Aleppo and now ISIS has gained ground in the area. If Russian involvement in Syria weren’t such a terrible development, Trumps cluelessness would be quite comical.

And even though I rarely agree with President Obama and I think his strategy for dealing with problems in Iraq is a failure, he is still my president of my country and I find nothing gleeful in that failure. Perhaps Trump enjoys swinging from the rafters over it, but when America loses, all America loses.

So which do we want? Mr. Clueless or this:

PPS: About the tragedy of Obama’s Syria strategy, Syria’s State TV is having a blast pinning Russian destruction on the coalition.

PPPS: Hey, Mr. Clueless Trump! This is milder part of what Assad’s regime does to its citizens: