So I was completely wrong to spread the rumor that Ramesh Ponnuru is on Rubio’s economic team. Apparently Ponnuru helped Rubio publicize his tax plan for his term in the Senate, not for his presidential campaign. I figured it out today when I noticed a commentary by Ponnuru about Jeb Bush on Bloomberg. Ponnuru says that regarding the candidates, he is neutral, and that his wife works for Bush who just cut salaries for his campaign staff by 40% across the board.

In the article about Bush, Ponnuru explains that Jeb would be more conservative than his brother, George. And he goes on to spell out a list of issues where Jeb has taken a position to the right of George, with just about every one of them I agree with.

It’s not what’s there, but rather what is not there that is the problem with Jeb Bush. Monetary policy, the most important issue of our time from my point of view, is not on the list of issues which Jeb is to the right of George. And to the right of George on monetary policy appears to be where Jeb is headed with Mr. Kevin Warsh as number two on his economic team, the billionaire who isn’t an economist and ended up appointed to the Fed BoG, and later urged his former Fed colleagues to leverage their position of independence in monetary policy matters to execute a soft coup on Congress.  In fact, with his economics roster, Jeb has gone so far to the right on monetary policy it is in fact illiberal.  Consorting with extreme hawks in atmosphere of global deflation doesn’t appear to be the most appropriate thing in the world since they are now obsolete. But Jeb Bush also has a problem with the company he keeps – people who don’t seem to think they put their pants on every morning the same way everyone else does. No, THOSE people need education reform to help them do it one leg at a time.

Because of these things, average people like me are not “feeling it” for his candidacy. His implied of fondness of tight money and unqualified billionaires buying into government jobs is enough substance for me to do my shopping for a candidate elsewhere.

But of course, there is always the possibility of redemption, and I have arranged this list of top things that Bush can do to at least get me to have another look:

1)            Dump Mr. Warsh. Mr. Warsh has got to go for his lack of qualification and his blatant disrespect for the Constitution, the People’s House, and average people in general for suggesting that unelected bureaucrats should ignore the law that was intended to serve everyone and abuse their power to get what they want politically.

2)            Admit he’s only human, comes from a family of mere mortals, and puts his pants on the same way as everyone else.

3)            Pledge to crackdown on cronyism and corruption as a top priority, and to appoint only qualified people for government posts (having a lot of money to donate is not a qualification). PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Especially item number three is what is on people’s minds when they say they support Trump or Carson. They don’t like the idea of not being heeded by their party or their government, or the sense that no matter who or what they vote for, they will get what the unseen paymasters want in the end, even if it is clearly counter to what is in the best interest of most people – and tight money IS one of those things.

Thus, attacking Trump as clueless is really the wrong strategy for Jeb Bush to use to address why people find Trump appealing. Even some of Trump’s ardent supporters are aware he’s clueless.  But they think clueless with a backbone that is in tune with what they want is much better than a high uncertainty of their party governing against them for the benefit of a select few, a sentiment I somewhat agree with. A much better approach would be for Bush to not take what he may perceive as his family’s good name for granted and show that he is unquestionably and unequivocally on “our” side by promising to crack down on corruption as a first order of business. Perhaps Bush should even consider tossing Mitch McConnell under the bus in order to have his promises appear to be credible.

And that’s it. If he does these three things, then sure, I would him more part of the solution rather than the poster child for the problem. But as it stands now, I’d support Lincoln Chafee before Jeb Bush – he truly is the last candidate on my list.