In the race for Alabama’s open US Senate seat, Roy Moore, the Republican nominee, has a bit of a problem. Or I should say that speculation is that he had a bit of a problem keeping his hands off underage girls, and it’s causing a big problem for him and the GOP.

When asked in an interview whether he dated teens while in his thirties, Moore responded, “Generally, no.”

Classic case of minimization. Generally, no, he didn’t date teens. But there was this one and that one that were out of the mainstream of dates.

When asked again if it was normal for him to date teens, Moore responded, “Not normally, no.”

Two missed opportunities to flatly deny dating teens while in his thirties, and he missed them with wishy-washy double speak.

I can’t say that he did date teens while in his thirties (or beyond for that matter). I have no knowledge of Moore or his dating habits. But this guy has such an ugly and salacious cloud over his head right now, he may as well have done so as far as the election is concerned. He has zero chance to win, and he needs to do the honorable thing and go.


Don’t miss Scott Sumner’s post on rumors that El-Erian is under consideration for the Fed’s Vice-Chair position. It is quite good.

What is up with this nomination process anyway? All we seem to hear about are guys who have gone on record time and again demonstrating a lack of knowledge about monetary policy by being completely wrong. Haven’t we had enough of wrong concerning monetary policy, or do we need a new Great Recession (or worse) for them to prove wrong once again? Any joker having gone on record over the last several years predicting the coming inflation apocalypse as result of low interest rates and QE ought to be immediately disqualified without question. Period.