Remember Teddy Roosevelt who spoke softly but carried a big stick? Trump is the anti-TR. All bluster and carries a twig.

Back in the dot com days my husband worked startups. And we used to do the busy social life thing with people he worked for and with, going to the jazz lounges and parties, and mingling. We met a lot of interesting business people and had a lot of fun. But mingling at a party is just that. It usually means no more than a moment of interest.

This is what watching Trump on the campaign reminded me of – mingling at a party minus the cocktail in the hand. The guy can talk for hours and say next to nothing that has any meaning at all, just like a party guest. And I don’t understand why he is taken so literally and so seriously. Maybe I just took too many chill pills, but what is really important to me is what a person does rather than what they say.

That doesn’t mean that I approve of everything Trump has said, though. I thought the demagoguery of illegals was irresponsible and a bridge too far. So I don’t have this Trump love-fest going on here, just an economy-sized box of table salt comes handy along with the word “whatever.”

If fact, my husband taught me, the rebel type A, the “whatever” attitude and our life together has been pretty laid back. Yet for the last year I’ve had to listen to him totally bag on Trump as if it has become his favorite pastime. I get that the hubby hates Trump. But I don’t, and regurgitation of unreasonable and outlandish stuff he read on CNN as fact was the last straw on the back of “whatever.” It’s fine if he doesn’t want to listen to or agree with me, but I can’t listen to the lemmingness without the opportunity to respond. Fortunately, we both agree it isn’t worth fighting about and we changed the subject back to “whatever.”

I suppose my problem here doesn’t have that much to do with Trump, but the rather copious Trump-related bullshit that wafts through the mass media daily as if there isn’t enough real red meat to go after like Jared Kushner and his sister exchanging visas for “chance” to get in on the ground floor of one of their buildings. We are so inundated with IQ-reducing sheer bullshit that the noteworthy stuff gets buried so deep in it as to never be noticed. Fighting hate with hate just doesn’t get us anywhere.

All in all though, I find the hate-filled Trump derangement syndrome somewhat of a contradiction as class warfare has been accepted and institutionalized by Keynesians everywhere. The Phillips curve philosophy didn’t just appear on a tree overnight and has been behind lot of damage that gets translated to wage earners in regressive fashion. And the blind spot doesn’t just stop there. Other damaging things to the people that have the least are things like the minimum wage, and taxing the crap out of businesses and employers everywhere for worthy causes that make it oh so worth the lives that are destroyed as a result. Liberals really need to get off the miles high white horse and smell the damned coffee of there being enough institutionalized cruelty going on to combat without having to pitch their tents across illegality.

PS: I do not believe that DACA was worth shredding the constitution over, and the judge that issued the stay needs to be impeached.