Perhaps I need to find a raw transcript of public remarks made by US Secretary of State Pompeo while visiting Iraq and Jordan yesterday because these articles in Reuters (referenced below) about those remarks make it sound as if Pompeo is communicating the idea that certain objectives in Syria and will still be met after the United States ends its military presence there.

  • ISIS will still be vanquished
  • Iran will not gain a foothold in Syria
  • Syrian Kurd fighters will be protected

Article about comments made in Iraq:

Erdogan threats against Kurds will not stop Syria withdrawal, Pompeo says

BAGHDAD/CAIRO (Reuters) – The U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria will not be scuppered despite Turkish threats against Washington’s Kurdish allies there, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday, promising to ensure that the Kurds would still be protected.

Washington has repeatedly said its Kurdish allies will remain safe despite the withdrawal. But Turkey, which considers the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish YPG militia an enemy, has repeatedly vowed to crush the group and repudiated any suggestion of protecting it once U.S. troops leave.

Asked in Erbil if Erdogan’s pushback on the protection of the Kurds puts the withdrawal at risk, Pompeo told reporters: “No. We’re having conversations with them even as we speak about how we will effectuate this in a way that protects our forces…

“It’s important that we do everything we can to make sure that those folks that fought with us are protected and Erdogan has made commitments, he understands that,” Pompeo added.


Article about comments made in Jordan:

U.S. withdrawal from Syria does not jeopardize efforts to counter Iran, Pompeo says

AMMAN (Reuters) – The U.S. decision to withdraw troops from Syria will not jeopardize Washington’s efforts to counter threats in the region, which come from Iran and Islamic State, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday.

But Pompeo said Washington was not stepping down from its efforts to challenge Iran. American policy makers were “redoubling not only our diplomatic but our commercial efforts to put real pressure on Iran,” he said.

“There is enormous agreement on the risk that Iran poses to Jordan and other countries in the region,” Pompeo added.

Jordan, which has expressed worries in the past about Iranian influence, particularly near the Jordanian border in southern Syria, said Tehran should refrain from meddling in the affairs of its neighbors Syria and Iraq.

“We all have problems with Iran’s expansionist policies in the region,” Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said.


And today, Pompeo said this in Cairo:

U.S. committed to dismantling Islamic State in Middle East: Pompeo

CAIRO (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday the United States was a “force for good” in the Middle East and remained committed to the “complete dismantling” of the Islamic State threat despite its decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

“When America retreats, chaos follows,” he said in a speech at the American University in Cairo in which he also urged Middle Eastern countries to do more to combat Islamic State militants.


None of it makes sense, and I can think of only one reason that Pompeo is on a Middle East tour trying to sell the nonsensical snake oil – because what Donald wants, Donald gets no matter the consequences for others, and this time he has done a lot of damage to hard-won diplomatic relationships. Rather than Donald correcting his mistake of abruptly removing the US military presence in Syria before the peace is won, he continues with his plans and sends his Secretary of State out to fill people with feel good slogans that have no logical substance to them.

In my opinion, this does more to insult the intelligence of the beholders and to convince them that the US government is not particularly interested in their concerns than it does to assuage them. At the very least, Donald should be honest with them and present a plan to help them help themselves rather than send Pompeo out to lie to them.

This is no different than anything else Donald has done with other signature failures such as the tariff regime that damaged soybean farmers. Instead of modifying the bad policy to prevent injury, he doubles down on it and doles out tax money to the injured as a consolation prize, forgetting all about the people from whom the money came. He certainly did not pay off the people damaged by his policy error out of his personal funds.

Of course, I detailed my view of the shutdown over the border wall here. Once Donald reneged on the budget deal he had previously agreed to and the Senate passed unanimously, the drama in its entirety ceased to be about substance, and more about the principle of the matter of bad faith dealing in my view.

Congress can do something about this budget impasse by passing the original legislation, allowing Trump to veto it, and then prepare for an override. GOP hangers-on to Trump should consider their own principles and their own wellbeing and stop empowering Trump before he whimsically chooses more counterproductive, unprincipled, inhumane and tyrannical policy prescriptions that cause serious visible damage that will long outlast him, as he is not likely to be successful in a reelection bid. Abandon the megalomaniac, save yourselves, and vote override.


By the way, I couldn’t help but notice the irony of Trump in plain sight on the Reuters homepage as I went to collect links for this post. Maduro is a usurper and Trump is not? LOL




The Syria debacle is even worse than I imagined: moving the equipment out and leaving the soldiers there, for now. If they do need to defend themselves, what are they going to do it with – spitballs??

You just can’t make this boneheaded stuff up! Here’s what’s to be had with an administration full of worshiping sycophants. Just imagine what type of character it takes to be able to do this sort of thing to our sons and daughters in honorable service our nation to please one’s own desires. It’s even more heartbreaking than the idea of leaving the Kurds to slaughter.