It’s been a month since my last post. During that time, I’ve had what I think are some great ideas for future posts and started working on them only to get half way through and simply lose interest. I never realized the amount of effort expended on some of these posts until being in this place in time that is absent the very serious degree of policy-driven monetary distress as in the recent past. I was quite eager do some work when there was a purpose for stepping up to the plate, but now when I sit down to accomplish some economics work, that little voice whispers, “Just what are you going to do with that??” It’s more stuff for the bit bucket, I guess.

The nightmare of ivory tower, elitist douchebags who yuck it up as Rome burns and their sycophantic enablers running the Fed that provided the entire purpose for the work I did is over. Whatever anyone has to say about Trump, the one really important thing he had to do – nominate a Fed chairman – he knocked out of the park with Powell, taking care of one of the most persistent and profoundly antagonizing problems in a generation. There’s no amount of unbelievable, dizzying spin that can diminish my appreciation. In an alternate reality, at this place in time with Hillary, there would be a purpose for toiling away at posts for this blog as if there’s nothing better to do with my time as there really wouldn’t be because Powell doesn’t have the correct plumbing or complexion, and we’d be listening to the same seemingly endless Philips curve shamanism for another lost decade.

While there is still nothing that can ever make a whole out of the less than half of a lot meted out by the people who believe fretting over too many jobs is politically correct, the experience is something like letting go of bad relationship. Tomorrow is an entirely different day.